Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This picture shows what it would look like if we could see something happening in a nano second of time...kinda cool right?

Today is a beautiful day here but my parents have a ton of snow in Illinois...Mother sent me pictures...they finally found their car...too bad that they do not have a garage but in apartments that is not usually something that you have! The weather has been nuts all over the place. We are to get into the 70's today and then go back to the 50's tomorrow. It is a wonder that more people are not sick!!

Just returned from Curves where I had a great work out. We do the new Curves Smart. It really makes you work HARD!! I had been bumped up to intermediate and when that happens the computer has you work harder. I figured since I was so tired this morning and my energy level was low that I would not keep it up...but I did!! The computer tells you how many calories you work off in the 30 minutes..Usually I can get around 280 or so but wow..I made 313!! That is incredible for me! Some ladies actually work off 600 calories in that 30 minutes.

I am going to be working some at Curves...the manager is getting so tired working so much so i am going to be going in on some Saturdays..this Saturday to start!! That is only 3 hours..I can surely handle that...Today hubby is working for our son in law doing painting and things that he cannot get done because of his work...We are still hanging in there and know that the work will come when it is supposed too...It is nice having him around!! Wish we could do that and not have to worry about!! That would be the perfect life for me...Smile!!

My violets are having babies now and boy are they pretty!! I just love African Violets...I know that I have told you because they remind me of my great grandmother..She always had a table full of them with a lamp that would shine on them..Mine look good right now!! I have three that are flowering but the other two need to take a lesson from the three and get their act together..i talked to them but so far they have not been listening to me!! I have always talked to plants..I think they do better..What do you think? Nope I am not nuts!! Maybe OLD but not NUTS!!

The grands have a half day of school today so I am going to go pick them up soon!! Seems like they are always having days off here...I don't think that i told you but Garrett has now been put into an accelerated class in school..That makes ALL of our grandchildren that have been in accelerated education..How about that...YEAP I am a PROUD grandmother!!



Smilingsal said...

Your African Violets are really in good shape. I used to have several, but where I live now, there's not place that has the correct sunlight. It's either too much or too little. So, I'll just adore yours.

Denise said...

OMG! I am a violet lover! I have them in my kitchen window.... Talk to them every day........they have not bloomed in 6 months now! I keep telling me to get with it but they are not listening..... I rescue the old tired violets from Wal-Mart all the time..... bring them home and give them a nice warm spot to live, and live they do!

We are violet Twinkies!

Congrats on being the Saturday Curve lady!

Have a blessed day......

Melli said...

It's those smart genes ya buy 'em! You're such a good grandma!

Please tell me your parents do not shovel out their own car! Goodness me! I want to be JUST LIKE your mother when I grow up! Truly I DO! She amazes me! ALL the time!

My mother always had just ONE african violet sitting on our little kitchen table - it was a little bistro table - just for two... and there sat the violet. It must have loved that spot because it bloomed and bloomed and bloomed! Lead me to believe they were EASY to care for! I bought one and it died. I bought another one and put it in a different spot and it died! I tried a 3rd one and... you guessed it... dead. I give up! They must not take well to being told "LIVE DAMMIT!" LoL! Yours are gorgeous! You speak kindly I guess...

Anonymous said...

Those violets remind me of my grandmother, she always had huge pots of violets in her kitchen. I tried to grow them like her, but I'm not good at that. Plus, now I'm gone for the summer, so I don't even try anymore. Sandy, tell me more about Curves and the computer thing. When I went there, they just had the machines that was powered by how hard you worked on them. You know, I have Humana and now, I can go to Curves for free. So, I'm thinking about going back.


Denise said...

Such lovely violets.

Betty said...

You will probably enjoy working at Curves again since it will only be a few hours a week. That would be my kind of job.

Your African Violets are pretty. That is one of my favorite flowers. I especially like the purple ones.

PEA said...

I always love seeing pictures taken in slow motion...the one you're sharing with us today is so neat!

I can't get over that your temps have been going up in the 70's! Today here it went as high as 10F and I thought that was a heat wave! lol Compared to the frigid temps of -40F we had been having, this is much nicer.

Good for you for doing so well at Curves! I can well imagine how terrible I would do since I haven't really exercised in a long time. I guess lifting my arm up and down while I eat isn't considered exercised??? hehe

How beautiful your violets are! I have two plants that have not bloomed in over 2 years and I don't know why! They look healthy and everything but just not blooming.

You have every right to be a proud grandma, those kids are doing grrrreeaatttt:-) xoxo

Decadent Housewife said...

Your violets are beautiful. And the containers perfect!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those African violets are lovely. Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Hope everything will go well at work. Take care!