Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Alphabet Meme

When you cannot think of anything to blog about then go find a meme..well that is my advice anyway!! I had kept this one from way back and I think it came from Knitting Kat!! I could tell by the answers that she had written down. So here it goes from me to you!!

A- Authors: Ted Dekker; Sue Monk Kidd;

B- Books: The Bible; “The Secret Life of Bees”;"Marley and Me"; "Sophie's Heart"; "When Crickets Cry"

C-Coffee: French Vanilla creamer; but not really a fan of coffee like I used to be!!

D- Dessert: banana cream pie; anything chocolate

E-Elegant object you own: I really do not own anything “elegant” because that is not me!!.

F- Flowers: I love flowers; gardenias; roses; magnolias; violets and lilacs!!

G-Guests for Tea: My blogging friends would be fun!! Wow what a tea party!!

H- Home: Is where my heart is..as long as Mike is here I suppose that could be anywhere!!

I- Inspirational Authors: The authors of the bible..I so enjoy bible study!!

J- Jane Austin book: Yes I have read these when I was in high school

K- Kitchen Gadget: I stay out of the kitchen as much as I can but I guess it would be my new crock pot..it is red and works great…

L- Laundry helps: I use anything that is the cheapest but right now it is ALL!! Plus I have a great washer that I love!!

M- Music: I have always LOVED music. I love to sing!! About the only music that I really do not like is country!! Some is okay but that is about it!!

N- Naptime: Yes every once in a while. I am almost 64 now and a nap seems to be the nicest thing these days..Not every day but once in a while I give in!!

O-Organizing Tips: I love organization. I don’t let things just stay out. I put everything up someplace..sometimes so well that I cannot find them..smile!!

P-Pride & Prejudice Character: Sorry I really cannot answer this one!!

Q- Quote: I love quotes as you all know by now..but here is a favorite:

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.”

R-Recipe: Anything that is easy and does not take much time to prepare!!

S-Scent: I love the smell of lavender; lilacs; fresh rain; babies right after a bath; fresh coffee

T-Tea: I love any kind of hot tea especially when it is cold outside or I have a bad cold; I also love my LIPTONS green tea mixed berry!!

U-Underwater creature: Dolphins..I have been out in the ocean right by them and they are so fascinating!!

V-Voyage you've taken: When I think of a voyage I think of the water so only once..on our 40th wedding anniversary my hubby took me on our first and probably our last cruise in the Carribbean…I loved it!! Believe me I love the relaxing time that you have..Would LOVE to go again!!

W-Water Feature: Hm!! Not so sure what you want but I will say sitting by the ocean…watching the waves and just listening to them

X-tra Special Treat: Hm!! Well I love going to the movies; I love just going someplace without any planning..I love going downtown Savannah or to the beach

Y-Something about You: I am very friendly. I have been a Christian for almost 37 years now. I love being married to the same man for all these 45 years; I love being a grandmother. I knit, crochet, blog, love my computer, love meeting new people, dislike cooking; Curves member, love being at home...guess that is about it!!

Z-Zoo Animal: It has been awhile since I have been to the zoo..I love watching the monkeys being funny..also the giraffes


Anonymous said...

Well, that was good, I love learning more about my friends. I did on e this morning that was fun. I'm going to copy this and do it later, just cause I don't have anything exciting to post about.


Anonymous said...

I'll give you a quote: "Live so the preacher can tell the truth at your funeral." It's on my little thoughtfor-the-day thingy that I keep on my desk.

Smiling Sally

I do NOT know what's wrong with this computer today, but I can't leave a comment or get on some blogs. Grrr.

Maggie Ann said...

Sandy, I really enjoyed reading this meme. You are a great blogging friend. I am not blogging very regularly lately. Dec/Jan have been soooo busy. plus..I've so many irons in the fire as they say. My husband is proud I've been sewing up a storm but he told someone, next week it might be knitting...we don't know yet...grin. I saw in your profile that you like the movie 'Return to me'. Oh boy, so do I. They happened to have it on AMC one day about two weeks ago and I was ironing and caught the middle of it on to the end. We looked at blockbuster to rent it...nothing. That was in SC Came home...went to a local video rental and the lady said. What do you want to do...rent it for $2.50 or buy it for $4.26. Oh boy...talk about a happy camper! And...we have that curse-free tv guardian angel box, I loved it and my husband enjoyed it too I think. Minnie Driver was great in that. Up to now, I'd never heard of her. The Waltons and HGTV are more my speed..lol. Well, some of the Hallmark channel is good. Wishing you a cozy evening! hugs, Maggie

Denise said...


Linda said...

I've saved a few memes to do when I can't think what to blog, and always forget I have them. I've read a couple of Ted Dekker's books and find them too dark. I love Christian fiction, but he's not my style.

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

I enjoyed reading the answers to your meme. Like you, I don't like coffee as much as I once did.

Nancy said...

I enjoyed your meme today Sandy and Happy Late Anniversary. 45 years... that's great! May you have many more.

Melli said...

Yep! Meme's always save the day! I don't think I've done this one ... I'll tuck it away until needed! I have not read Pride & Prejudice - so I could not answer that one either! (but maybe I WILL before I do the meme!) LOL!

Mary said...

Enjoyed reading your meme, Sandy and Happy belated 45th Anniversary to you and your sweet hubby.


Puss-in-Boots said...

That was a good meme, Sandy and we learnt a little more about you.

Gudrun from Kitchen Gadget Girl said...

Yeah for Kitchen Gadgets! And I think you picked a very useful gadget. Crockpots are great, so are pressure cookers.

And I think it is a shame that after you graduate from kindergarten that naps are no longer required!


Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you Miss Thing! Quite impressive list. I think I knew most of this but it's always sweet to know more about you. I'm home today in my warm little nest. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

GM Sandy, wanted to tell you to stop by, I have an award for you.


Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Great meme. They're always a fun way to learn a bit more about our blogging friends. That quote is also one of my special favorites.