Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This picture is not completely "wordless" but i thought it was a good one..Finally he got smart in his wording!!

Today is another gorgeous day with some rain and some wind but not like they had fore casted!!

I went to Curves again this morning and worked out!! I still cannot say i like exercising but I know that I need to do it!! I gained a little bit more weight and the funny thing is that I have been good...but I did lose some more I think that is good!! I just keep "plugging along"!! What else can I do!! I know I will never have that die for body but I can feel better along the way!!

We are finally back into a regular "normal" schedule at our church. Tonight we are back to our Wednesday bible study and I am so excited because Kenny Grant from here in Savannah is going to be preaching. He is quite the go-getter and I am looking forward to what we will be studying. Our suppers begin again too so that means I don't have to cook on Wednesdays anymore..Now to fill up the rest of the week days!! Wish I liked to cook..Really I do but I just do not like it at all!!

I may start working at Curves just part time this time!! I really liked that job but could not work all of the hours that I was getting. Hopefully this way it will work out better for me and for my hubby too!!

Our daughter, Julie and her family made it down to Missouri last night. They had quite a bit of problems driving with the black ice...but they made it. Now they are waiting for a daughter to come in that has been having problems catching a plane because of the weather. Last I heard the visitation is Friday...That is really a very very sad situation.

Hopefully your day is moving right along wonderfully!! I received a nice call from a new friend today. She calls me every once in a while to see how I am doing. She called me a "breathe of fresh air"!! Wow I wonder if my hubby thinks that about his old wife!! Smile!!

Flip Flop
Thought for the day: "Faith is the ability NOT to panic."


Peggy said...

Sorry about your daughters FIL. Will pray for her family and their safe return home. William tells me I need to exercise but I ask him when. LOL I think lifting 50lb feed sacks, carrying hay bales, and other farm work I can say I get my exercise. He is retired military and thinks no matter how much you work you need to exercise everyday.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Black ice...I remember that from living in New Zealand. Treacherous stuff! I'm sure your hubby thinks you're wonderful, Sandy, and that's wonderful too.

Take care.

Mary said...


Working out is no fun and I had decided to go back to WW, but yes, I've been sick and just can't shake it. So WW is being put on hold for the time being.

Praying for Julie and the entire family and that they will have a safe return journey.


char72 said...

Interesting picture. Looks like the guy wised up.
Traveling can be dangerous this time of year. I'm grateful for our lovely sunshine.

FourOf5zs said...

Since my lot of walking last Friday I've taken it easy... just short walks around the yard. Maybe tomorrow a normal walk... today was too windy. Exercise makes me feel better... except when I overdo.

You are sounding more up than you were a few weeks ago and I hope that continues. We can't let our pain keep us from enjoying life.


Denise said...

Hey sweetie, love you.

PEA said...

That picture cracks me up! lol We got another dumping of snow if we needed more snow! Sigh! Tomorrow they're saying frigid temps again with high winds...I'm really thinking seriously about hibernating. lol

Good for you for starting back at Curves again! Losing inches is just as good as losing weight, so you're doing good:-) Hopefully working part time there will be a lot easier on you than working full time was.

How very sad about your daughter's brother in law. So many accidents happen that way and I can't even imagine how the son felt seeing him fall out of the tree like that and not be able to revive him. Safe trip back home for your daughter and family. xoxo

Smilingsal said...

lol that guy with the sign is funny.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Poor Julie...
Please tell her that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

Have fun at Curves!!! Don't let them talk you into more hours than you want.

Melli said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Julie's BIL! That is really so sad. I will keep the family in my prayers.

Darlin' ... You ARE a breath a fresh air -- I'm sure Mikey knows it as well as anybody! I sure do miss you...

Hope you enjoyed that Bible study tonight. I'm doing 4 of them right now! LOL! Mondays on Ruth & Esther. Sundays on Mark. Daniel on-line. And For Women Only by myself. At least I only need ONE text book for all of them! LOL!

Julie said...

Karen(jim's daughter) made it in yesterday. She has the two cutest little boys u have ever seen!!! Everyone is doing as best as can be right now. Keep all in your prayers.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's so sad. I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. I'm heading over to Julie's site.

Marsha said...

It's been awhile since I visited and I just got back into Wordless Wednesday the past couple of weeks.

I love the honesty of that sign... a lot more truthful but probably won't get him much cash!

Hope all works out the way you want with Curves and that your routine is getting back to normal.

I missed the details about your daughter's situation but surmise there was a death or serious problem in the family. Prayers for all involved!