Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Thoughts...well let's see do I have any tonight? Hm!! It has been a good and pleasant day!! That is great!! The weather is really nice and really not like our Januarys usually are but i like it!!

We had a tragic accident happen in my daughter's family (Julie). Her brother in law, Jim was up in a tree (25 ft. up) yesterday sawing off limbs. His son was with him. His son wanted to do the work but his dad said he would do it. He started to tell him to be careful with the kick from the chain saw and before he could get it out of his mouth..His dad was kicked out of the tree by the saw. He landed hard!! His son tried to revive him but could not!! The paramedics tried too but the fall was hard and from a very high tree. I want to think that he did not know anything!! Our daughter and family left today from Illinois to go to Missouri. She called this afternoon saying that the roads were all ice and they were seeing wreaks all over the place. She called asking us to pray for their traveling!! I have not heard from her yet but hopefully they have arrived. The visitation is tomorrow. What a tragedy. He was in his early 50 leaving a wife (our son in law's sister) and 8 kids all grown!!

i had my hair cut today so I look a little more KEPT!! Then i stopped and got two salads and took them to our daughter, Becky's home and had lunch with her!!

Have you ever eaten Clementine baby oranges? Boy they are good. I found them at Walmart..we have eaten almost the whole bag. Today I went back and got another bag. They are as sweet as candy!!

Hope that everyone had a great day like i did!! I need to get out and do some reading in your blogs. I am so far behind!! Not good!! Thanks for those of you who faithfully stop by this simple blog!!

Flip Flop
Thought for the day: "I have not yesterday, time took them away; Tomorrow may not be--but I have today!! Pearl McGinnis


Sandi said...

Funny I'm eatting a clemintine orange as I'm catching up on blogs. I love them.

I will be praying for you daughter and her in-law family.

Susan said...

Oh that is so sad, Sandy!! I'm praying for that family and your daughter's travels.

I love clementine oranges.

Big hugs,


Smilingsal said...

What bad news for your daughter and son-in-law's family!

Yes, I've eaten Clementines before; they're delicious.

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Sorry about your daughter's brother in law, that is really sad! I hope they arrived safely. Clementines are the best, great to snack on!

Mary said...


My sincere condolences. What a tragedy. It's always sad to hear of such accidents.

I absolutely love Clementines. We only get them here around Christmas. Mmm! Delicious!

Take care, my friend. I will be praying for your daughter and the family.


Julie said...

Love those oranges.We were given some one time and they didn't stay in the house long. Couldn't find them at the store though.
Made it fine here. Just waiting on people to get up this am :) KIm and Rick will be here tomorrow with Katie. Not a fun week here. :}

Anonymous said...

Those oraqnges are very sweet, I have some on the counter now. Your daughter and her family will be in my prayers.


FourOf5zs said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the tragedy and my prayers will be with the family.

I need a hair cut, but just am no up to it... maybe in a couple of weeks. With weather like the past few days my hair is a curly, frizzy mess.