Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I started a post yesterday and then was having problems with loading pictures so just quit!! smile!! I don't suppose anyone else has ever done that before?? ha!!

I have been having some computer problems. Guess i need to call my great neighbor and see what is going wrong with my computer!!

I have had a great week. Tuesday night I went with my daughter to see our granddaughter be in her first choir concert!! She is in the 4th grade and being a choir is of course new to her. They also had their band too which I thought did a great job with only having 2 months of practice on instruments that they had never tried before. Like the leader said, these songs only require 6 notes!! smile!! They did a great job.

Our grandson, Garrett got into taking pictures. He really loved that camera!!

Madison had a great time singing!! I love to sing so it is nice to see one of my granddaughters that loves it also. Our older granddaughter, Katie also loves to sing. So nice to see these girls get something GOOD from this ole' grandmother!!

Madison is the one right behind the little blond boy in the front row..she is in the second row and is looking straight at the camera...

Then last night I again went with our daughter and kids to our Journey that our church puts on here in Savannah.
This is a very interactive depiction of the First Christmas when Jesus came as a baby!! You start out by receiving papers with your name on them. I was Deborah and I was from Judea. My husband and I sold fish and have two daughters that we love very much!! Each person gets a Jewish name and telling them what they do and who they are. We all get a half shekel so that we can pay our tribute to get into Bethlehem. Everyone is put into tribes. Romans guards are mean and try to make you feel horrible through the whole experience. They will stop you and ask your name and why you are on this journey going to Bethlehem!! The kids really love this course so do we adults. Our daughter Becky is quite the spirited kind so she was really into it!! They were going to make her sing/dance at the gates of Bethlehem!! Sure!!

You walk around our big lake and stop at each little gazebo and a scene from the 1st Christmas story is portrayed!! Then you get on a big barge and go across the lake to the other side. More stories are shown there. Then you get to go into Bethlehem. This year they really had a lot of details...A big well in the center of town; all kinds of people selling their wares; booths with carpenters; basket makers and etc. Animals are also there...roosters, small ponies; geese and goats. The Romans also ride around on BIG horses..stinky too!! smile!!

After we leave Bethlehem we go to see the Shepherds laying on the ground. They awake and see an angel announcing the birth of Jesus!! They ask us to go with them to see this great thing that has happened. We go to the manager and there is Mary and Joseph with a new born baby. Our pastor is there and he tells everyone about the 1st Christmas. The sweet little baby was crying too!! So sweet!!

This event is well attended here in our area. I am not sure the amount of people that come but it is in the Thousands!! It was well attended last night for sure.

WE are experiencing some bad weather right now!! We are under a tornado watch. It is raining and not looking the best right now. This is what you get for having such high temps in December. It is 71 here now at almost noon!!

I go this afternoon to get my hair COLORED!! YES!! I hate gray hair..Oh I know it is supposed to be because I have "earned these" BUT well I still don't like them!! Makes my attitude a lot better...think my hubby has FINALLY understood that!!

Not much else to report!! I am feeling good and just have to put up with any problems that i have...guess we all have to do that, don't we!! The bible says that God will not give us anymore than we can i believe that!!

Thought for the day:

Friends are like angels who lift us to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.


Heart of Rachel said...

Congrats on your granddaughter's 1st choir concert. Your grandson looks like a junior pro with that nice camera.

I'm sure you look great. I also have my hair colored every now and then.

Take care and wishing you well.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good afternoon Sandy,I am glad that Madison is in the choir and likes to daughters sang in their high school choirs and wore long evening gowns at the Christmas was always so beautiful and would put you in the spirit of Christmas.

Garrett looks so professional!!! who's camera is he using?? I bet it takes great pictures...

The journey that your church performs sounds like a wonderful and heart warming event..

You are going to look so cute with your new hair-do and color..I wish to maybe color mine one day!!

Have a good day... Hugs, Barb

Julie said...

Maddie looks so grown up. Garrett should take up photography:)
Posted some pictures from Madrigals

Peggy said...

That sounds like a awesome thing your church does. Wish there were one here.

Denise said...

I am so happy that you had such a good week my friend, love you.

Denise said...

Oh what a wonderful thing to go to that concert! I have heard that grandchildren are a gift from God for raising our children.....hahhaha I am waiting..... Sounds like a great time and the pictures of the kids and how about that new hair color.. What would we do without hair dye !

Love ya

Puss-in-Boots said...

The Story of Christmas Journey your church puts on sounds really lovely. It's something I would like to see.

Glad that you're feeling better, Sandy. Let's hope you stay that way for quite some time yet.

Hope the tornado is a false alarm. We're in cyclone season now, that's when the weather gets interesting!

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like you have had a couple of great days with family.

The interactive first Christmas sounds lovely.

Have a good weekend.

Smilingsal said...

I love Christmas occasions that spotlight the birth of Jesus.

Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like a lot of blessings! =).. I love the wreath you pictured...I'm thinking its your front door? btw, our Walmart doesn't have any potting soil in stock...=(. I need to try somewhere else. I just walked on my treadmill for 1 mile and now need 30 minutes to recover from the 25 minutes spent exercising! But, its the first I've done that in months. I was reading an article on what an important part exercise plays in our health as we age...and that gave me the nudge I need, I guess. Wishing you every blessing my friend and, a Blessed Christmas!