Monday, December 08, 2008

Butterflies in December

Hubby stopped by for a few minutes around lunch time. I went out to see him off. Right there still in our flower bed is this yellow butterfly!! A butterfly in can that be?

I was raised in Illinois, as most of you know. Even though we have lived here over 7 years now, I still find myself amazed when i see something like this in December of all times. Right now in Illinois the temps are in the teens and snow is on the ground in some parts. I still cannot get over seeing a butterfly in December!!

Today the temp is 61 and the sun is just gorgeous!! You can go outside without a jacket!! Still amazes me!! I love winter time here!!

I was never a BIG fan of snow..Oh maybe when I was in school because then we had snow days and we did not have to go to school. I remember those big big snows then too!! They would get so high that we could just walk across the fences and we were genuinely "snowed in" for sure. I remember many years just freezing to death because we only had one big stove in the middle of the house. That did not make much heat in the rest of the house. I used to get dressed in the mornings in bed...lay my clothes out the night before and then reach over and grab what I could and get dressed. I am so happy to be warm now!! What a change!!

I have been searching for a certain picture to share here with you guys and just could not find it. It was taken back in the 60's when we got so much snow in Illinois!! I guess over the years i have just had my fill!! (PS..My mother just emailed me the picture that I was searching it is

This is my dad standing on top of the fence and whatever was underneath
This is SNOW!!!

We are leaving to go back to Illinois on the 20th of this month...up to snow...boy!! I hope I have warm clothes for that kind of stuff!! Not looking forward to it at all!!

Hubby is better!! He had the flu all weekend!! I keep wondering when I will be next but so far...fingers crossed!!

I got back to Curves this morning!! Felt good to exercise again!! I know that this ole' body of mine really needs it. I had not been going because I had felt so bad and with all of the tests I figured that I had better take care and not do it...Now that I am back I know that I will feel some better. At least I am trying to do something for myself!!

Baked an apple pie this morning and our wash is done for the week!! So different now with just the TWO OF US!! Boy when the kids were home I washed myself to death..Now it is just once a week!! How cool!! Some good things out of just having two to take care of!!

Hoping that your day is going great!!

Thought for the day: "Peace starts with a smile"


Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Babe, sounds like both of you are doing better. Hope you know you have certainly been prayed up. We are leaving the 2oth for New York also. I've been making my Advent Calendars so am knee deep in little bits of bows and ribbons. Miss you.

Mary said...


I love the picture of the cardinals in the snow. We have cardinals here and the males look beautiful against a backdrop of snow. I'm sure you will see snow when you visit for Christmas. Be sure to dress warm. It was very cold and windy here yesterday. Today the wind isn't as bad. We have a couple inches of snow, but not much.

Take care, my friend and thanks again for the gift of the scarecrow lady. She is beautiful.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i can't even think about going north in the winter! i get cold enough here! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Susan said...


I enjoy snow, but I really have learned just how much I "need" the sunshine that we get in the south! Those gray days make me...depressed. So I like to visit it...but don't think I'd live in it.

Hope you're feeling better. You've been in my prayers.

Are you two driving to Illinois?

Happy Monday, Friend!!

:-) Susan

Denise said...

Hello my friend, glad your hubby is feeling better. I love the picture of the bird in the snow.

Melli said...

I don't mind ONE good snow. JUST ONE. After that I'm done, and I just want winter to GO AWAY! Really I could honestly live happily without any winter at all. I'm baking a pumpkin pie right this minute. We are just going to have tuna sandwiches for dinner tonight -- but we're gonna have a GOOD dessert! LOL! Glad Mikey's feeling better -- hope you DON'T get it! And good for you gettin' back to Curves!

Julie said...

might want to go see Brie's blog for today. She has some news. :)

Nancy said...

I glad you felt up to exercise today... that's a big step. I'm also glad your hubby is better. Maybe since you had the flu shot, you will be safe.

I love our weather too but I would like to have a little snow.

Have a great week!

Needled Mom said...

I, too, was raised in snow country and do NOT miss it a bit. It is fun to visit, however, but not to live there.

Lots of folks are sick this month. Must be some bug going around.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yep, it's good when the kids leave home and the housework drops by 90%!

I don't think I could take too much you've no doubt read, I have an absolute aversion to the cold.

Glad you seem to be feeling better and I hope Mike gets over his flu soon.

Julie said...

i remember snow like that. Today we are getting ice and snow. Not nice weather. Brie is to get 6-10 inches there.

Femin Susan said...

yes a good thought for the day. have you started celebrating Christmas. I our country snow does not fall instead rain fall.i had longed so much to get into snow fall.thanks for
sharing your experience
keep posting....

Anonymous said...

Good morning, I happened upon your blog through Sally. I live in Mi and we have lots of snow. I would rather be where you are and seee butterflies every day. This year I am going to make a really effort to like the snow some how :>) I liked the picture of your dad in the snow. Glad you and hubby are doing better.

Hootin' Anni said...

Snow? Ewwwwwwwwwww, I got my fill of that white stuff when I was a kid and raising more for me unless it's photos only.

Wow...that is some depth. I was born in the blizzard of '48 and '49...I remember photos so similar to this.

Anonymous said...

Glad that was the picture you were hunting for, just happen to have it and I thought"Deep snow". Well that was deep snow that year I do remember. Looking forward to your coming home for Christmas should be a lot of fun for us at least, you will survive the snow. Oh yes the butterfly so pretty and that is an Omen you know. I remember the story the minister told in AZ about when he was really sick and about the butterfly. That was sent by God I am sure. Love you all. mother & dad

Linda said...

Sounds like you are feeling much better. It's been years since we have had much snow. According to the Farmers Almanac this is going to be a bad winter. We'll see!! Now that I don't have to drive in the snow I don't mind it at all.

Deanna said...

I'm with you. I'm loving the weather in Savannah. Well, not today's tornado warnings, but it's not snow. We lived in Indiana for about 7 years and I loved it when we had snow at Christmas! Growing up in Southern California, snow was exciting for a while...a short while. Shoveling the snow and ice spoiled it for me every day I had to go out!
So glad you are out and about! Have a wonderful day!