Sunday, November 02, 2008

Silly Sunday

As i have mentioned before, I have been going through things here in the house JUST in case we do have to sell everything. Some things that i have found I am scanning in order to keep them.

In going through my things that i have saved over the years...i found two of my short stories that i wrote when only a young girl. I have scanned them so that i will be able to at least keep them.

i also ran into the list of moran jokes!! Does anyone out there around MY AGE remember these silly things? I have listed at the top that it was 1961. I typed these up then...I thought I would share a few of the better ones....


  • Who committed suicide by smoking a cigarette on the 64th floor and threw the wrong butt out the window?
  • Who moved to the city because he heard that the country was at war?
  • Who ate bullets so that he could have bangs?
  • Who wanted to be a Vitamin because he heard someone say.."B-1"?
  • Who sat at a busy intersection with 2 slices of bread waiting for the traffic jam?
  • Who invented working it out of his noodle?
  • Who walked the "sweater girl" home so he could pull the wool over her eyes?
  • Who jumped off of the Empire State building to show people he had guts?
  • Who ran through a screen door and strained himself?
  • Who went into the living room because he thought he was going to die?
They go on and on and on...I have a long list of them!! Just wondered how many of you remember these silly things? I was in high school when they were popular!! If you remember just drop me a comment!!

As for me..well I have felt better before!! Not feeling up to par today!! I feel like I cannot put one foot in front of the other..but I am!! just very worn out and no energy at all. I need my injection for today but have to wait on my nurse this time. Tomorrow I am off for more blood work and then we will see what my liver is actually doing these days..
Take care.

flip flop...pooped..flip flop


Peggy said...

I remember those jokes!! I sure hope you get to feeling better and the blood tests come out perfect. Have a restful Sunday

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good afternoon Sandy, I don't remember these jokes, but I was in nursing school in 1961 and was too busy with work and studying!!! I hate to hear that you are not up to par...relax and enjoy a lazy Sunday..
Hugs, Barb

Melli said...

I guess the moron jokes were a little before my time... I don't remember them at all. Silly, for sure! But life was sO much sillier - and simpler back then!

Hope that B-12 kicks in soon! I'm startin' to think I need summa that too! Ugh.... tired tired tired I am!

Susan said...

I don't remember them, but enjoyed reading them. I am praying for you and your energy.



Denise said...

Those were funny, but I was not born until 1963.

Smilingsal said...

lol Oh, yes, I remember. The one I remember the most was the Empire State building one. My mom made us stop telling the jokes because she said that they were cruel.

PEA said...

If I admit I remember those jokes, does that mean I'm old???? lol Seriously, yes I do remember them! hehe It's got to be so hard knowing that you have to give up so much of your stuff...I'd have a hard time choosing what to keep and what not to keep!! xoxo

Denise said...

I have a vague recollection of those jokes....... silly weren't they...... sorry to hear your energy level is down...... I think that too many people are soooooooo depressed about the election..... I know I am......

Hugs to you and I pray for you a BIG dose of the energy of our Father God...... that will do ya!

Mary said...


Yes, those moron jokes were all the rage back in the 60s. They were so silly, but everyone was telling them. lol

I'm sorry your energy levels are still so low. I'm praying. Try to remember to ask your Dr. about the Vitamin D.

Hoping you feel better soon. Been there, done that and it is absolutely no fun at all.


Gretchen said...

Nope, never heard the moron jokes before. Pretty neat!