Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Show and Tell

OOOPS!! I am late today to get this post in but we have a few more hours so thought I would try anyway..if you would like to play just go to Kelli's and sign up there..

This is number uno for day!! many of you wore glasses like this at one time? Course you are going to have to be older like myself to remember. I always called these my Carol Burnett glasses. How silly and on me they are even sillier!!

Do you also remember these? These are vehicle tiny license plates that used to be sent when your license plate for sent to you in the mail..NOW this has been a long long time ago. I have them back to 1955...I was told that prisoners made these back then..I don't know if that is truth or not.

This is an old bottle that my mother found under my grandmother's country home. It says...DR. KINGS NEW DISCOVERY FOR CONSUMPTION...CHICAGO ILL. H.E.BUCKLEY & CO. I have always liked it so kept it..WHY!! I have no idea!! smile!!

Well these are my show and tell for today...late but here!! I have been gone all day. I am doing something pays me too. I am sitting with a woman in RH. She is the same age as my mother 84...but so different...My mother is so young compared to this sweet lady. This lady Mrs. B has dementia and tells you over and over again a lot of things. She is very bent over and wears 12 sweaters; gloves on her hands and keeps a blanket on her all of the time. She is a doll!! I have learned so much but most of it is just in her mind!! So I just sit there and smile and say YES when I can. She loves to talk...I laugh and smile and she loves it.
I took my crocheting with me!! She had a great time watching me do it...I made her a dishcloth to do dishes with while I sat there. I gave it to her and told her what it was for but NO..It has to be like a doily and sit on her table..Okay!! She will not let me water this poor plant that is dying for water. She said she has done it and of course she has not!! It is just sitting there dying by the day..If she ever leaves the room i am going to run to the kitchen get water and put it on it..will have to be quickly..she really gets around good for the way she looks..Bless her!! Oh how I DO NOT WANT to be that way!!

Hope all is well today!! have to go...going to our church tonight for Girls Gone Country!! Pictures tomorrow..UGH!! I am all dressed up and even have a cowboy hat!! Smile!! i am not feeling the best BUT am going because a friend of mine BOUGHT me a ticket!!

Thought for the day:

"Trusting God completely means
having faith that he knows what is best
for your life~"


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful service you are doing.My mother had dementia, and she died at age 86. It is so sad when they get that way.

ceekay said...

You have great show and tell items. I love those little license plates.

Peggy said...

I love being around older people. I learn so much and they have great stories. Hope you get some rest this weekend.

Needled Mom said...

Ah yes.....I remember those little license plates.

I'll bet you are enjoying keeping company with the lady. They can be so interesting.

Linda said...

Thanks for trip down memory lane:) I had silver "hornrimmed" glasses in 5th grade- 1963. My very first pair of glasses.
Hey, we chose the same blog background- great minds think alike:)
Linda C

Denise said...

Great show and tell.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Years ago prisoners used to make our license plates in Georgia..I think machines do it now.. The bottle you have saved may be worth a lot of money .. people look for these old bottles all of the time.

I have been taking care of Fred today.At 4am he woke up, with terrible pain in his back which was radiating on his left side toward the groin.Well , he found out after a CT scan of his kidney that a kidney stone was moving !!!
He is home with pain pills and the doc. ordered for him to drink a beer to help the stone pass quickly..sounds good to me.. we are so tired that a beer will help us sleep!!

How many days are you going to watch this lady in RH?? Too bad you and Melli don't live close to each other .. two friends and care givers!!!
Have a good week-end. Barb said...

Just updated talktograms site for her...drop by if you get a chance.
Thanks for your prayers.


Melli said...

I definitely DO remember those license plate things! I had a whole bunch of 'em! I thought they were nifty! I don't know whatever happened to them... they disappeared. I was just little!

What is RH and how did you come to be sitting with this little lady? You sure do keep yourself busy! I tell ya!

Juri said...

What a great blog! I stopped by and so enjoyed reading your posts. I did not want to be a "lurker", so I thought I would say hello! I love the bottle!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i do remember those glasses but never wore glasses, now only readers. i have been lucky with my eyes.

my mom had some dementia in the last few years of her life and she would also repeat things over and over. she loved certain old songs and i would play them for her and every time she would say the same thing with each one. but you know what, she was happy in there so it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

have a lovely weekend honey!

smiles, bee

Susie Homemaker said...

I love those glasses! I have sunglasses in that shape! You my dear, are so special for the time you spend with your little lady. Bless you.


Scrapdolly said...

Oh wow - i love those little licence plates
never seen anything like them before

Kelli said...

I have never seen the little license plates cute!