Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

You know how people say that we have "PEAR" shapes or "apple" shapes...what does this lady have???? smile!!

Yesterday I picked up the kids at school in a pouring down rain. I knew that something was going to happen because of my head that was aching even with a pill. It started thundering and there was not a dark cloud in the sky and then booooommbbb...about the time the kids were letting out of school there comes the big buckets of rain. I finally got them both in the car and off to home. We all were so happy that we had a garage to pull into....They have one but like one of the kids said, "It has too much junk in it!" Hm!!

We came in and worked on homework and getting supper!! I had purchased a new hummingbird feeder so wanted to get it up too plus we are having a community garage sale this weekend and I was working on that all at the same time!! I always have too many things going all at once!!

Garrett and I made the sugar water. He was putting in the sugar and I was stirring in the red food coloring..doing great!! Evidently he had not stirred all of the sugar so it I put it into a container. Dummy me...thinking that I could SHAKE hot water in a contained jug!! It exploded and we had red sugar water..sticky red sugar water all over the place!! Now remember I had supper cooking, garage sale stuff all over the place and a very astonished Garrett that was standing there wondering what had just happened!! Now it is funny but not then. I have been cleaning up that sugar water...sticky..for some time!! good hummingbird fans that we are...we started over again and this time got the job done. The birds will be happy!! I am still not sure about my sticky kitchen!! Garrett of course thought it was so funny!!

Today I am taking off for Curves, then into the garage for some major work!! I always say that I will NEVER do GARAGE SALES or YARD SALES again and I turn right around and DO THEM ALL OVER AGAIN!! I am hard headed for sure!!

Hope all is fine in your part of this great big world..

Thought for the day: "Don't try doing so many many things all at once!" (My own thought for the day!!


Smilingsal said...

Your thought for the day is apt.

I gotta tell you, I did not laugh; I groaned when I read about the red sugar water all over everything. Yuk.

Melli said...

OY! Red sticky sugar water ... UGH! NOT fun! I don't add red to mine... I just put clear... they love it just the same!

Have fun at Curves - and have a great day!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, what an experience that was with the bird feeder..Could all of the red water clean up without leaving any stains??

My daughter and family left for Disney this I get to keep Olivia with us for three days..she is presently taking her a nap..we are going to go walking at the mall this afternoon , when she wakes up...Did you get measured today at Curves??
I dread that this week!!!

Have a fun time at your garage sell and make plenty of money.
Hugs, Barb

Denise said...

Thanks for making me smile.

Mary said...

Oh Sandy. I don't envy you having to clean up that sticky red sugar water. That would have been a nightmare.

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. Time flies, doesn't it. Seems like those grandsons of mine were just born and now Brandon looms over me by 3 inches. They are 13 and 11.

Take care, my friend. I enjoyed your post and that fall button is very pretty.