Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I know..I know..I have not been blogging lately!! When there is nothing to blog about WHY bother right? I have been reading others blogs though.

Hey Denise!! We are really happy to see you back on line now!! HOpe that you are also feeling SO MUCH BETTER NOW!! I know a whole bunch of US have missed you!!!

Just ordinary DAYS going on here at our home but that is good!! That means that we are fine and all is well in our little part of the world. Since the world seems to be falling apart in other places then I am very thankful for my small and peaceful part of it!!

Last night we went to see our grandson, Garrett get his first awards in CUB SCOUTS!! I think he is really liking this now. After all if you get to go camping, make forts, play tug of war, shoot arrows and bebe guns then whats not to like..RIGHT? Especially when you are 7!!

Look at this handsome Wolf Cub Scout

The Scouts had the ceremonies in the cafeteria at the kids elementary school. I have yet to be in there when it is quiet and last night was no EXCEPTION at all!! Just loud as always!! I do have a couple of pictures though to share with you....

Garrett receiving his awards

Garrett, Gpa and ole' Turkey Neck!!

We were happy that we were able to go and see him get his awards!! What a mess though!! WHEW!! Anyway he was happy!!

Not much else going on in Flip Flop Floozie's life right now!! Like I said all is well!! Thank you God!! Tomorrow is our youngest granddaughter's 10th birthday!! She is almost into double digits never to return to the single ones again!! So I am thinking..MORE pictures.

Oh and for some of you that remember my post from Saturday about that old vase. Yes it is a WELLER and i have heard from some appraisers about letting me know its value. I guess it does have value. So we will see!!

HOT weather came back here this past Saturday so the air conditioner came back on...too bad!! We are now all closed back up again!! It is a dreary day here today!! Sunless which is so unusual for South East Georgia. It will not be long and hubby and i are taking a trip up to Northern Georgia to see the trees and just that part of our state!! I am looking forward to getting away with my husband!!

Thought for the day: "Opportunity may knock once, but temptation leans on the bell."


Susie said...

You have a very cute Cub Scout. Out here our grandson's troop doesn't wear the uniforms anymore (just the scarves)
I think it's such fun for boys this age!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Garrett looks so happy and proud to receive his award in the Wolf Cub Scouts.. My brother was an Eagle in the scouts and he loved doing all of the things boys do and he learned a lot while having fun..I can remember him working hard to get his badges for his uniform..

I have a ham baking in the oven awaiting for my family to come to my house..

If you have a turkey neck.. then I have a turkey neck, thighs and butt...I dislike my body and the shape of it.....

Let me get off of this subject!!!
Have a good day. Barb

Peggy said...

the grands are growing up fast! Raining here today but I do have the doors and windows open. Tomorrow starts a colder front for us or at least thats what the weatherman said. Have a great week

Smilingsal said...

You should be proud of that handsome grandson.

Melli said...

Awwwwww... Garrett is so cute! Mathew enjoyed the scouts for a year or two - but then he lost interest. I don't think he had a very good leader. I hope Garrett continues to enjoy it!

Happy Birthday to Maddie - tomorrow! I'm sure there WILL be FUN and pictures!

How cool about your vase! DO let us know -- maybe it's that SURPRISE fortune you never knew you had!!! LOL! I used to love to watch Antique Road Show - just for that reason. People would discover that that God-Awful UGLY oil painting that had been up in the attic for 40 years was actually a REMBRANDT or something ... I loved it!!!

Nancy said...

And our fall weather continues... isn't it such a blessing!

I love your precious Cub Scout. My son was an Eagle Scout and I think it was very instrumental in leading him in the direction of becoming a pastor. Have him stick with it as long as you can.

Enjoy this great weather!

Bridget said...

Hi! Hope you are having a fun day! I tagged you with a meme on my blog!

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, proud of your grandson.

Betty said...

Congratulations to Garrett on his awards and Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.

The weather has cooled off here. Just very pleasant outside today.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my gosh....look at that, just look at that great smile!! He's a doll! Errrrr, ummmm, I should say 'he's a handsome dude'....he'd probably like that better than 'doll'!

Glad to see you stop by and visit dear Sandy.

Hope your day treated you well.

Maggie Ann said...

Your grandson is so good looking and looks like he is a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter too! I will be blocking my shoulder shawl. You know, I've recently heard about blocking things using metal rods...you slip the rods thru the edges of your article for larger things. Maybe google that? I think Wovenflame does that. She is in my sidebar under knitting. How exciting about your vase. You just never know!

Talk..to..Grams said...

What a cute Cub Scout! Hugs, Grams

Linda said...

Did you know I was a Cub Scout leader? I did this for 2 years when my son was in the scouts. The meetings were at my house and I had to budget every minute to keep the boys in line. I know how much Garrett is having!!

PEA said...

You have such a darling grandson and congratulations to him for winning those awards:-) I was a Girl Guide when I was a young girl and I remember the camping and all the other activities!

It was a wet, cold and dreary day here today, only went up to 48F! I didn't even go out of the house so I don't think I'll be posting tomorrow because nothing interesting has happened! lol xoxo

Lanny said...

Amen! on "thought for the day"!! At my house he not only leans on the bell, he opens the screen door, rattles the door knob, (still pressing the bell in an obnoxious anti-rhythm), peers through the peep hole, shouts through the door jam, and when you think you're brave and tough and open the door to tell him to go away then try to shut the door quickly, he gets his foot and elbow in the door!

Always a good idea to have a pack of Rat Terriers around to scare him off!