Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not so Wordless Wednesday

My Wordless Wednesdays are NEVER "wordless"!! I am going through all of my old floppies. I knew that I had tons of them so went last week and purchased an external floppy drive. I have been going through them one by one and putting them on my hard drive into folders. Next I am going to put them on CD's or DVD's so that i can keep them. It has been fun. I had some back to '98 and they have all been such fun to look at. Seeing how much our grandchildren have all grown up has been a fun thing to do!!

I found this picture that we took in 03 in California. They had a big display of everything made out of Legos. This grandpa was sitting outside of a store so hubby just had to sit down there so that I could get "Two grandpas" together!! Just thought it was a fun looking picture!!

We have no idea what to do here in this town right now!! Some people are packing up and leaving tomorrow. Some say it is silly to leave...some like me want to leave but have no idea just when!! WE are all in a quandary just waiting!! Hanna is taking her own sweet time too!! Oh well!! Such is life!! WE never know what it is going to bring to us!!

Isn't life like that though? It seems the older that you get it seems to get more involved!! You never know how each day is going to be treating you!! Will you get up sore all over or will you have a hard time "just getting up". What is going to hurt today? Smile!! I am not looking forward to getting older and older!! Pain is not one of my best things in this life...SOOOO I go to Curves and walk the mall thinking that the more active I stay the better off i might be!! i will keep at it as long as I can. Only God knows our futures and HE has it in HIS hands!!

Hopefully everyone is having a great day today!! Hump day today so that means church tonight. Last Wednesday we started our first bible study on Matthew with Bob Russell. He used to pastor one of the largest churches in Kentucky..South East!! He was very very good last week. We had an attendance of 700 on Wednesday night!! WOW!! It was great!!


Thought for the day: "Always keep in mind that he world is filled with marvels...You never know what awaits around the next bend."

Have a wonderful day!!!


Charlotte said...

When I read the title l was think flip flops not floppies. I thought you had way too many flip flops. Goes to show what preconceived ideas can cause. I think the little mouse is soooo cute. I think asked you once if Bob Russell preached in Indiana. Now I remember, it was Kentucky. He is the same one I had in mind. I went to a Christian Convention several years ago at his church. That church building is fantastic.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, As always I was late getting out this morning to exercise.. From the news reports, the hurricane will go east of us , and be more in the ocean.. we will be on the side that is less damaging... even if it hits S.C. or N.C. My daughter and three grands will stay with us if needed to get out of danger... Time will tell...
I hope Curves will be open tomorrow, so I can make my third workout..
Take care .. hugs,

PEA said...

Dearest Sandy,

Keeping you in my prayers that you and your loved ones are safe from Hannah!! I can well imagine how difficult it is to decide what to do!

Love that picture of your hubby and the Lego grandpa! lol Amazing what they can do with Legos. I was just reading in the newspaper yesterday that a local man is granting the wish of a child suffering from leukemia by running in a gruelling 100 miles through the Northern Ontario bush. The child's go to Legoland in California!!! The man has never met the child but had heard about him and wanted to help:-)

Sandy, I knew there was something I was forgetting to tell you! lol I mailed the Blueberry Giveaway parcel to you a week ago (I didn't have a chance to mail it before I left for my trip) so it should arrive any day now. Mail service between Canada and the USA can be soooo slow! Hope you get it soon! xoxo

Denise said...

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Mary said...


Brandon would love the picture of the Lego grandpa. He is a Lego fanatic. He loves to build things and just yesterday he told me he wanted to design and build things for a career. We talked about architecture, cabinet making and carpentry. The choice is his but I will give him all the information that I can to help with his decision.

Keeping you and your family in my prayers that you will be safe from Hannah. Be careful, my friend and be sure to evacuate if you must.


Linda said...

Remember when you kept all the photo's in an album? Then came digital photography. I love being able to keep my photo's on my computer and on CD's. I rarely get pictures developed. I too need to do some organizing so I can find things better.

Have a good day!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's amazing that the "grandpa" is made of lego. Thanks for sharing this cute shot and hope you're doing well.