Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Smatherings!!

This is my favorite activity for Sunday. We attend church on Saturday nights so Sunday I would love to do this and sometimes I do.

I was going to post a picture of the whole coin rolling machine that I had posted from yesterday but guess i did not take that picture...Hm!! Losing it again!! That is what that was from yesterday. It is really fun for the kids. You put a penny at the top and the coin rolls around and around until it goes into the BIG hole at the bottom. Even fun for adults to watch!! smile!!

We are having an easy Sunday!! Hopefully hubby will rest today!! He is feeling a lot better but the grands have a new name for him....GRUMPA!! He sure does get "grumpy" when he does not feel good. I think it was good that he was born a man and not a woman!! WOW!! He would have had a bad life..OR the person that lived with him (her) an even WORSE life!! Oh...not something that is fun to think about!!

We are buying a little at a time getting ready to head out of here soon. My brother is coming from Arizona, Son from California so we are all getting BACK together one last time!! My brother's wife's mother lives right there in Tuscola and has been in the nursing home for a long time now. She has alzheimers in the very last stage!! They are thinking that she does not have much time. This is going to be way so hard for my sister in law!! She has really lost her mother years ago now but the finality of it is going to be so hard. Her mother has not known her for such a long time. In fact, the last I heard she was in a fetal position and staying there. Now she is not eating at all. Such an awful thing to have!!

Beautiful day here again as it always is in the South East!! Good day to take it easy!! I hope that is what everyone in blog land is doing today!!

I was on facebook yesterday and talked to Cozy Reader in Venzueala. That was neat!! We had a short talk. I did not want to keep her but she said she was having a great time.

Take care and rest today if that is a possibility at your home!! Count your blessings!!


Thought for the day: "Heaven is a permanent residence...a place where we unpack our bags and stay forever...What a glorious thought to wake up in Heaven and realize it is HOME!!" C.L. Allen


Peggy said...

I hope you got your Sunday rest. The 3 grandsons are keeping me hopping but I am enjoying them. I joined facebook because my daughter wanted me to but haven't gotten into it. Will have to give it more of a try after the grands are all gone home.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Hope you had a wonderful, restful Sunday. Your dad's birthday gathering is going to be such a great family time for all of you. You must be getting so excited!

Melli said...

HA! Rest? TODAY? Ummm... No. I was going steady from 8:30 this morning until I sat down here at my computer about an hour ago! Dennis cooked brats on the grill this evening, and he came up with them and said they were done and I about wanted to SHOOT the poor thing - but I just was NOT ready to eat dinner yet! I had JUST finished putting groceries away! But... I sliced a watermelon and tossed some chips on the plate and along with the brats - that was dinner tonight! LOL!

Sounds like your SIL has really had it rough with her mom. Honestly, I see this happening with Dennis' mom too - because aside from the Alzheimer's she is sO darned healthy! I keep hoping she will have a heart attack or something ELSE that will kill her BEFORE she gets to that point! Right now she's fine other than she can't remember squat! It's annoying, but she's not "sickly". Honestly, compared to some of the HORROR stories I hear and read about alzheimer's - I feel like I'm quite blessed!!! Her memory is getting worse and worse all the time -- but she's healthy as a horse!

I hope that soon Mike will be healthy as a horse TOO - so he can stop bein' a Grumpa! Poor boy...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy, I hope your poor husband is feeling better soon so that he doesn't live up the name of Grumpa...very clever, that one.

Sunday is my day for doing what I want, too...and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Isn't Alzheimer's a cruel disease? I have read in the Reader's Digest though that they are making breakthroughs in detection and the treatment of it. Won't that be just wonderful.

Enjoy your week.

Denise said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, love you.

Denise said...

Oh.... I will pray for that sweet lady... I hate that disease.. and as usual I love your little verse at the bottom... I created a TEE shirt years ago that said

"Heaven, it is the last place I want to be"

I had some people that just did not get it! Go figure!

Charlotte said...

Love the little picture. Good your family can be together. Dementia is such a horrible thing. Both of my parents suffered from it before they died.