Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Photo Hunt

Word for today is:


This is only part of the bridge that we had to cross
last weekend from Jekyll Island to St. Simons here
in Georgia!! There was tons of SUPPORT here!!
Honestly, when I first saw this word I wanted to take a
picture of my new BRA that gives me a LOT of SUPPORT!!

In OTHER words:

Last night hubby and I went to see the 3-D Movie, "Journey to the Center of the Earth"!! I thought it was real fun wearing Stevie Urkel's big black 3 D glasses and seeing everything flying at you!! I ducked once when a BIG UGLY fish flew at me!! I really had a fun time. Afterwards I asked hubby what he thought..."Well," said my simple man, "A little far out don't you think?" Nope!! I thought it was a BLAST!! I love new and different things. There are several 3-D movies coming out from Disney very soon. This was fun and CLEAN as a whistle!! refreshing to not hear those awful words!! I loved it!!
Off to Curves now then get my nails put back on!! Yeap just tried to keep them off but darn how I miss them....Have a wonderful Saturday ya'll!!


Thought for the day: "A man's gotta do what a man's got to do. A Woman must do what he can't." Rhonda Hamsome


Denise said...

This was a fun post my friend, enjoy your day.

Julie said...

We have wanted to go see that movie. Glad it was good. Ricky really wants to see it.
Have a great weekend.

PJ said...

Great post!! and Love the quote!!

Denise said...

Oh that was funny! I love the Bra support! Me and DH are thinking about going to that movie,,,,, I am so glad you have posted on it...... I will let him read what you have written and I think we will go and see............. and I love the thought for the day....... it is TRUE !!!

Gattina said...

Great supports ! I am back from Italy with a lot of pictures and try to catch up on happenings in blogworld, lol !

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, I'd have loved that movie, too, Sandy. I love the special effects and would really like to know how they do some of them.

I like your thought for the day...just rams home the knowledge that women are multiskilled! Heheh.

Deanna said...

We loved St. Simon's when we went there! It's been a while. Need to go back! Have a great week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow...what a take on the week's photo hunt. I have an ongoing fear of bridges tho. LOL

And yes, what you posted in your comment you left me this morning, it IS a terrific book especially if you like that period in history [to read about that is]

And you CAN read it online for free. I have a link for the online book of the same on one of my blog entries. Just come back and check the labels drop down menu and find "Books" will then be able to find the link I provided more quickly.

Happy Sunday dear Sandy.

Melli said...

Well... ya probly know I agree with Hubby about the movie -- even without seeing it! On top of that - 3D always makes me dizzy! I wouldn't like it! BUT... that's why God made us different! SOMEbody has to LOVE that stuff! *nods*

I keep thinking about trying to go without acrylic... but I also keep NOT doing it! LOL! It's ALMOST a scary thought after all these years!

I had a BLAST at WOF -- and Sandy - I sO thought of you! #1 - it was Sandi Patty's birthday yesterday! #2 - because we were in our nation's capital, she sang our National Anthem -- and it was spectacular - you know! And #3 - when they did their plea for World Vision, there was a young man there from South Africa - who has been attending Georgetown University - who had been SPONSORED by someone from World Vision from childhood, all the way through high school - and who, BECAUSE of a song sung by Sandi Patty, found Christ, changed his life path from one of hatred and wanting to KILL (the people who killed his father), to wanting to sing and share MUSIC with his own people, as well as with the people in Ghiana where he grew up after his father was killed. Sandi Patty has been his HERO all his life -- and he got to BE THERE, at Women of Faith, and he got to SING WITH Sandi Patty!!! I'm telling ya Sandy - you couldn't help but FEEL God in that room! It was AWESOME! And I thought, Oh, I wish my Flip Flop was here to see this!

Susan said...

I'm so out of it when it comes to movies. I just saw another one about a kids movie coming out in 3-D in August.

I hope you've had a great weekend.


:-) Susan

Betty said...

Nice picture and good choice for the Saturday theme.

I love your "thought for the day", and it's so true, lol.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. That's a great angle of the bridge. It looked like a fine day for traveling.

We're excited to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth some time this week.

Needled Mom said...

I loved visiting St. Simons and Jekyll islands. Both were so interesting.

The quote for the day is too funny.

Linda said...

What fun seeing a 3D movie. I refuse to go to a movie with hubby because he always falls asleep. What a fun date!?!? I usually wait until a movie is on PPV and watch it here.

Have a good day.