Friday, June 27, 2008

Photo Hunt Saturday

Word for today is:


These are pictures of two of our grand kids!!
They won these awards so i would say they are



Mary said...

You should be very proud of your grandchildren. I do hope you tell them often. I tell the boys that I'm proud of them. Along with being corrected about things they do wrong, they need to hear about the things they do right. Tell them congratulations from Canada.

I love the Fanny Flag book review and am going to pick up a copy if I can find it. If not, I'm sure it is in the local library.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog and inviting me to check out your book.

Have a terrific weekend. I hope you and your husband are enjoying some time together.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Your grands are very "bright" ... give Madison and Garrett my best wishes for their awards..

You can have as many baby plants from my Crepe Myrtle trees that you want to pull out of the ground..I will be too busy on Saturday.. maybe on Sunday?? Give me a call later..

Enjoy your week-end. Hugs, Barb

Barbara H. said...

Very bright indeed!!

Needled Mom said...

And what wonderful bright smiles they have on their faces. I'll bet they are really going to enjoy summer vacation.

Denise said...

They are both so very cute, and bright.

Peggy said...

Don't think you could have picked any brighter photos! Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. Sounds like you and the grands had a busy week!

Julie said...

Yes they are very bright (they take after their cousins)hehe:)
Have a great day.
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

LOved the pictures of the great grandkids of mine. They are really a couple of cute kids, going to break some hearts when they grow up. The picture of our dishcloths in England were great, hope she will enjoy them alot. I love mine and make them by the dozens. When i get done, everyone here intown will have one of mine that I make,I bet. Take care and love to you from IL. Love Mother & Dad

Sandy B & Dick said...

And cute, too!

Robyn said...

Well done to your grandchildren. I agree, they are bright.

Have a lovely week.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh yes!!! Such a perfect post for the week's theme!!!

Melli said...

Verrrrrrrrrrrrry BRIGHT! They have to be! They're your offspring!

Cookie said...

Congratulations to both of them! KUDOS!

This morning I called my baby sister, Ann who went all the way through the 8th grade without missing a single day of school and received 8 very lovely certificates which my parents lovingly framed and hung on the wall in the breakfast room in our house.

The reason I called her was because my husband had just read in "The Week" Magazine about a young girl in Chicago (age 12) who was given A CAR for having perfect attendence through 6th grade even though she will not be able to drive her $15,000 car for another three years.

Ann's response "I guess I went to the wrong school". I'm just wondering who paid for the car.

Linda said...

Your grands are very "bright". I posted some great news yesterday!! And, I have an award for you that I posted on Saturday. I'm just getting around to telling you.

It's cool today...low 70's. I'm so happy for this cool front.

I wasn't in the pictures of Caramia's baptism because I wasn't able to be there. Nicole sent me the pictures.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to both of them. Those are wonderful achievements in school.