Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Friday Again!!

Yeap once again it is FRIDAY!! I have always liked Fridays the best!! I think it stems back from being in school!! That was the last day of school for the weekend. Then when I started working Friday was "usually" my last day of work too. Guess it has just been my favorite day of the week!!

Today i went to my daughter's home again to watch those two sweethearts!! We cleaned up things. Picked up; cleaned the sliding glass door; cleaned her glass top end tables (pain with kids); Moved things around and just did the best we could!! The kids even helped!! It took awhile to get Garrett into the act but he loves to use Windex so that worked. When he wasn't cleaning with it he was trying to kill ants with it!! All boy!!

We went to the pool again!! I came home to try to find my suit!! I never did find it!! I think it is hiding from me. You can't blame it!! Who would want to get that stretched!!

I wanted to tell you about the book that I am reading!! It is by Fannie Flagg!! It is called, "Can't Wait to Get to heaven!" This is a really entertaining book!! The peoples name are so something else.

The main character is Elner Shimfissle (see I told you about the names)!! She is a spry older lady that really does not know her age!! She climbed up on a ladder to pick some figs and got stung by a bunch of wasps!! She falls out of the tree and is taken to the hospital where she is pronounced DEAD!! She arrives in Heaven and is met by her sister Ida!! Ida takes her to see the BIG GUY!! He looks like her good friend from her favorite radio station. She is told that when you get to Heaven that God will look like someone that you always admired. I just wanted to share something from the book here as I think it is good.

I have always said that I have questions that I want to ask God when i see HIM...knowing that I will forget them. In this book Elner has a chance to sit down with (God) (her friend Raymond) and ask away!!

"You see, Elner, life it not nearly as complicated as people think."

Raymond turned around to the wall behind him and pulled down a large picture of a carnival scene that lit up with hundreds of colored lights going around in circles, and played carnival music, then said, "You see Elner, life is like one big roller-coaster ride, with all kinds of bumps and twists and turns, and ups and downs along the way."

"Ahh," Said Elner, "So all we have to do is just sit back and enjoy it."

Raymond said, "Exactly. But the problem is...most people think they are steering, and get so busy trying to control it that they miss all the fun parts."

She asked him who came first the chicken or the egg.

Raymond looked surprised at first, then laughed. "I'm sorry to laugh Mrs. Shimfissle, but that's usually not the first question most people ask, but the correct answer is the egg."

"Oh sure." he nodded. "You can't put the cart before the horse, so it stands to reason, you have to have an egg for the chicken to come out of."

You know I thought about that answer and then thought..SURE GOD made the EGG!! Then came the chicken!!

This is just a fun lighthearted book that i am sure you would enjoy!! I know that i am for sure.

Hubby and I are having a date night today and tonight!! He has been working so very hard lately and I really never see him much!! I miss that a lot!! ...Not seeing him I mean.

Hope all is well in your neighborhood

Thought for the day: "Give us a sense of humor, Lord. Give us the grace to see a joke. To get some humor out of life and pass it on to other folks!!"


Julie said...

Going to see a movie??? We saw Kung Fu Panda last time. Cute movie. We may go tonight just to be in air conditioning UGH!!! Still not working well and it is MUGGY!!!! Rain all day and sticky.
Have fun. :)

Peggy said...

that book sounds really good! my swimsuit hid from me years ago

Denise said...

Ok, how did you get that picture of me??? lol That book sounds really great, going to have to read it. Enjoy your date night sweetie.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Your swimsuit is hiding at my house... Just kidding..I found two cute ones on sale at Belks this summer and as much as I hate to show my body in one ... it feels good to cool off with the grands..I have been getting myself pretty for my reunion , nails, brow waxing.. 45 years as a nurse..the nurses get together during the day and the husbands join us for a night time outing..I know you will enjoy your date night with hubby..
Talk later, hugs, Barb

Betty said...

I had to laugh when you were saying you think your swim suit is hiding from you and after all who would want to get that stretched. That cracked me up.

Hope you enjoyed your date with hubby.

Come by my site and pick up an award I have for you when you get a chance. I posted it today (Friday).

Have a good weekend.

Melli said...

LOL! I read that Fannie Flagg book -- actually, I've read all 3 of her books! She's a HOOT! I LOVE her!

Sounds like you had a great day with the grands again! I'm just trying to get caught up and I've got to jump into VBS with both feet now! It NEVER ends!!! I'm loving it!

Oh yea... HIIIIIIIII! I'm back!!! I missed you!!!