Thursday, May 15, 2008

Words that begin with the Letter X that describe me!!

Not at all EASY this week so here is a list that you can look at and be amazed at and try to figure out their meanings. I TRIED and TRIED and my "regular" list is at the bottom of this mess!! I am off to the letter Y next week and hopefully it is EASIER!! WOW!! WHY did I do this????
xanthan... xanthoma
xanthomas ...xylographer
xylographers ...xanthomata
xylographic... xanthone
xylographical... xanthophyll
xylographies... xanthous
xebec... xenial
xylographs ...xenia


  1. Xerox: Yeap i remember these machines and just how messy they were. I worked in the office in my high school and had to use these messy machines...THANK goodness for printers!!
  2. X-rays: My have I had my share of them. Mammogram is coming soon!! OUCH!!
  3. Xanthus: This means fair haired!! My brother was blond when he was a toddler!! I have some artificial light colored hair too and some white that is going to be natural soon!!
  4. Xanthic: This word means "yellowish" and since that is one of my MOST favorite colors then I can use this crazy word!!
  5. X-Men: Oh I love those movies!! What fun at the theater of right here at home!!
  6. X- Genius: Yeap that would be me!! Smile...I am digging for words about now!!
  7. X-husbands: NOPE never had one, never going to have that is THAT!!
  8. Xtra: Yeap this has been X-tra hard for me!
I cannot for the XTRA life in me think of any more!! Sorry I did not do this one very well!! I am amazed at those of YOU that did this crazy letter and did it well!! You deserve a BIG X badge!!


Thought for the day: "To make a LONG story SHORT, don't tell it!!"


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, The first thing I do when I wake up is go on my computer and visit a few of my favorite people..You are my extra special friend..You only have two letters left to do for your list..The last mammogram I had done did not hurt or squeeze too tight.Candler hospital has a new machine that is great..I am off to Curves.. see you later, Barb

Melli said...

Oh dear! Now I'm scared!!! LOL! I think I better start working on X right NOW!!! Thank you for FINDING all these words for me!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
I think you did an "Xcellent" job on this tough letter :)

Linda said...

The only two works that come to mind are s-ray which is on your list and xylophone. You did a great job with this difficult letter. I better stop hunting right now. I did I this afternoon and found it hard.

Needled Mom said...

Oh man....I would have had to use a dictionary for all of those. Great job! said...

I think you did just fine!! That looks so hard!! Love and hugs Grams

Denise said...

You did a great job sweetie.

Sandy B & Dick said...

Tuff one...I live in xanadu (beautiful place, despite the bear)...and I am a xenophile (someone who likes foreigners). Whew...that was stretching the grey matter!!! Hope to hear from you this weekend...hugz

Betty said...

Sandy, you did a good job with the letter "X". That would be a hard one for me, too. Yellow is also one of my favorite colors.

Where do you get the big letter graphics? I have looked and looked all over the web for letter graphics.

Julie said...

you did better on this letter than I would have.:)
Finally posted on my blog today. Haven't felt like blogging lately.

Phyl said...

oooohhhhh i do so dread the day i gotta do the "x-list"! you do get major props for valient effort tho:).

Hope you and Daisy have an absolutely wonderful time!