Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Friends

This morning i am waiting out the day for FRIENDS to come from Virginia!! YEAP Miss Daisy and Mr. Wonderful are on their way here to see us for a short week!!

I know Melli and some others of you out there are really fuming at the idea that you will not be here too!! I am so sorry but well this is just the way it goes sometimes!! tee hee!!

I need to clean ONE more bathroom and then i am not thinking anything about such things till they leave and I am back into my own world again!!

This morning THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK were back on TV. If you have a daughter around the age of my youngest one you will remember them because she and her friend always "almost" had a heart attack when they listened to them. Then there was the year that I bought them a tape of the group!! Oh my, all we had was complete screaming from those two!! How funny now since they are both 35 but I bet they still love them.

This morning they were on the TODAY show so I knew that my daughter was working at the hospital so i sat and took pictures of them off of the TV...yeap off of the TV!! I hated it that she had to miss them. They are still good looking young men now!! I think better looking. I talked to my daughter later and she had got to see them at the my work was all in vain!! Oh well.

I am scrapbooking her book now. I got my other two children done and want to get Becky's done as I have the time. It is such fun going back over their lives and seeing those little pictures again. How sweet. She was so small..only 4 lbs. 6 1/2 ounces and 17" long!! So tiny!!

Beautiful weather here in the South eastern part of the USA!! I LOVE it here!! I love sun and we get a lot of it here. We do need rain badly but still lovin' the sun!!

Hubby is coming home so need to get off of here now!! I will keep you updated on the adventures of Daisy and Flip Flop!! Fun is coming and laughter is going to happen!!


Thought for the day "Don't worry that children are never listening to you; worry that they are always watching." Robert Fulghun


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I will have to come over one day and see your scrapbooks of your kids... Becky was a tiny little baby.. I love that size baby to hold and rock...We did get some rain... Have a good day. Barb

Melli said...

I'M NOT FUMING!!! i'm fussing. There's a difference. FUMING would be angry and not wanting you to have ANY fun at all! Fussing just means I want to be there FOR the fun too! :) But alas... Daisy didn't save me ANY room in the back seat at all! *huff* So Mom & I had to stay here... and have no fun. Tis sad. *sigh*

Phyl said...

Gotta love them itty bitty babies. I was 3 lbs and 11 oz. You would never guess that

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said...

I am gut laughing.. over you taking pictures from the TV..

and I have found that if I want my kids to listen.. my husband and I whisper...hehe

Love ya

Betty said...

Enjoy your guests, Sandy.

Deanna said...

Have great fun with your company this weekend! Mary and I are scrappin' since Bill's working OT.

Denise said...

Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

Carolyn said...

The weekend is over -- and I'm sure you are basking in the new memories made with friends from this weekend and this week to come. There's nothing better than time spent together with long distant friends. I have a scrapbooking day coming up next month with my long-distant friend:)