Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things about me that begin with the
letter Y............

  1. Yellow: I really love this color!! It is sunny and a happy color!! I love being HAPPY!!
  2. Yahoo: I use this a lot...I keep up with my family through Yahoo Instant Messenger!!
  3. Young: NOPE!! I passed that about 20 years ago I guess!
  4. Youth: I had a great one and YES it is wasted on the YOUNG!! smile
  5. Yes: A word that has gotten me into some trouble at times over my life!!
  6. Yarn: I love to crochet and some knitting!! I have worked with YARN for more YEARS that i can figure!
  7. Years: I have been given 63 in this life so far
  8. Yogurt: I love this great food..would you call it a food?
  9. Yam: I love love love these!! GREAT when you go to SWEET POTATOES restaurant!!
  10. Year book: I have mine and love looking at the young people that I used to know then and still know now. We have lost a few too!! sadly!!
  11. Yearly: I always go yearly for my examines at the doctor!! (you come up with some other words for Y!!)
  12. Yellow Jacket Wasp: I was chased once by a wasp and it found me and finally bite me good!! Never run from those things!!
  13. Yeah!! I am finished!! WHEW!!


Melli said...

ROFL! Yea... WAIT til you see what I did for "Q" this week! You did great! You didn't yammer at all!

Denise said...

Nice list.

Kathleen Marie said...

We have so much in common. I eat yogurt almost daily... Among other things. You have a fabulous day!

PEA said...

Hi Sandy:-)

Well, you did a lot better with the letter Y than I could have! lol I love yogurt also, especially with fresh fruit in it!!

I've just caught up with your last few posts...looks like you are all having soooo much fun and how I wish I could be there. I'm so loving the friendships that have been made through blogging...think of all the fun we'd have missed out on:-) xoxo

Betty said...

I like your "Y" list, Sandy. Nice job. I love yellow, too.

Anonymous said...

"Y"-- You're so funny! Love the yearly one! lol
I played 'tourist' yesterday downtown! Went all by myself to wander and snap pictures! It was so fun and relaxing! Enjoy your weekend!!

Deanna said...

OOps! That one was me. Didn't mean to be annonymous!! lol (Coffee...need coffee)

Sandy B & Dick said...

YELLING a big howdy from the other end of the state! Playing catch up after having sister-in-law here this week. Had fun sharing your fun adventures...great pics. I'll have to steal that one from River Street! I want/need your Sandy flag!!!! It's got my name on it, right? :-)...hugz

Phyl said...

OOOhhh girl, what a Yummy list:).