Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy Day Number 3

Today it was downtown Savannah...My favorite place to go!! I seem to never tire of going!! We had reservations for the TEA ROOM at noon...Thankfully Baba had her handicap sign so we parked right in front of the TEA ROOM AND the space even though it was parallel parking, I made it!! It was a BIG one..the only kind that I can even begin to park in!!

We all got out and made our way to the TEA ROOM and were seated in the library room. Some of us thought about changing our regular teas but some of us just stayed with the good old favorites. Mine is Emperor's Bride. Susan loves Winter Soltice!! Baba and Daisy tried a new kind!! I shared with Daisy since hers was a little too fruity!! smile!

We had a great lunch like always!! Picture taking was everywhere too!! All of us are bloggers and some of use are scrappers so picture taking is just second nature!!

After lunch we piled back in my car and on down to City Market!! Daisy wanted to buy herself a new we went to the lace store and she got it!! I guess she has always wanted one so now it is hers!!

From City Market and more pictures we went to River Street!! Nothing like River Street!! We shopped and had a great time at the shops along the water!! What a city!! I love it!! So happy to actually live here!!

Finally time took over and we had to head back home!! What a fun day though that went just way too quickly!! I am leaving you with some pictures though!!


Thought for the day: "You are a valuable person because you are you!!"


Phyl said...

Your pics are great...I can see how much fun you gals are having:).

Melli said...

ACK! I didn't get to SHOP on River Street! UGH! You guys are having TOO much fun now!!! LOL! Carry on.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, I slept in late , as I was tired from all of my activity yesterday...I love this picture of all of us.. I would like a copy or send it to my email and I will print it up on my printer..Enjoy the rest of your visit with Kathy.. See you later, hugs.. Barb

Betty said...

It looks and sounds like you all had a great time.