Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Fun

This morning as I was sleeping away a little hand tapped me on the shoulder!! "Look Gma what happened?" He was smiling real big just like this and showing me that he had lost his FIRST TOOTH!!

He is late getting them out just like his mom was!! He had one already coming in behind the baby tooth so I think this one just sort of "dropped out"!! He was thrilled. Said it did not hurt at all and no blood either!!

He wanted to call mommy right away but we had to wait for the time difference!! He got to tell his dad so now he is happy!!

Looks like the tooth fairy is going to wait until Monday night to come to his house. Mommy and Daddy want to be in on that big event!! Fine with me!! It cost me a lot of money when my first granddaughter lost her first tooth so I am not going to complain!! smile... I am far less rich now than I was then so...we will let the tooth fairy go to HIS house this time.

We just got home from seeing a movie with the kids!! You know you about have to take out a loan to go to the movies anymore!! WOW!! It even cost US the old people the same as it does the kids!! That is ridiculous!! We saw "NIM'S ISLAND". Very good clean movie for everyone to see!! I knew it would be or we would not have went!! I recommend it to everyone!!

The kids are outside playing and hubby is laying down. He just cannot take it!! smile!! I am going to go read more of my book!!

All is well here and hopefully it is in your part of the world also...Have a great Sunday!!


Thought for the day: "Grandmas are like quilts. Stitched with smiles and tears, Colored with memories and bound by LOVE."


Julie said...

Yeah Garrett!!!!! Hope the tooth fairy is good to him.:)
We have an Awana's award night at church and then a 40 ft. long banana split after church. Will take pictures of it so I can share.:)

Denise said...

Sounds like another fun day my friend.

Cal said...

Enjoy those grandkids. They are a gift from God.


Melli said...

Awwwwww! Garrett lost his FIRST tooth for YOU!? That is sO exciting! I'm so PROUD of you for being able to "let" his parents have their moment of glory... cuz I surely would have invited the Tooth Faerie IN with OPEN arms!!! You are goooooood! I'd have been in the dog-house! LOL!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Garrett is cute with his first tooth missing..You will miss them when they go back home today.. When I scanned two pictures today for a post on my daughter's birthday, it shows lines and big spaces..How do you fix it??? Any help .. Love ya, Ba

Mary said...


Losing that first tooth is a big deal for kids and so it should be. It's a sign that they are growing and maturing. I remember when the grandsons lost their first teeth. They were so excited and they phoned me immediately to let me know.

I was wondering about the movie. Brandon's birthday is coming up at the end of the month and I like to take him to the movies. We usually bring Jordan along as well. I will check to see if this one is showing at a theater here.

Take care. I'm glad you had fun with your grandchildren and thank you for the comments on my post today.


PEA said...

This post made me smile as I remember so well the first time my boys lost their first tooth...Shawn was biting into a meatball when the tooth stayed in it and Corey was eating a hamburger! lol I also remember leaving .50 under their pillow...when the little girl next door told me that the tooth fairy leaves her $10 I couldn't believe it! Inflation I guess! lol

I heard that Nim's Island is a wonderful movie for kids and adults alike...I'll rent it when it comes out on video:-)

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with the grandkids...can't wait until I can do that too:-) xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

G'day Sandy.
I've been online in between storms today. But I think now, at least for now, the storm systems have moved on.

He's adorable. Love the photo you have of him. And yes, I know what it costs for movies, we go often. But we don't pay 'regular' price we get in for Seniors. But still, THAT cost is ridiculous. By the time we leave, just the two of us it's 30-40 dollars [tickets included] for popcorn, nachos two large drinks and anything else Bud wants.

Have a great evening.

Nancy said...

WOW! The first lost tooth is a BIG deal and lucky you to be a part of it. I'm glad you are able to enjoy every minute with your precious gandkids.

Peggy said...

I saw that movie and love it! What memories your grands are making. I can't wait till summer and mine come to visit.