Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday IN Savannah

I wanted to do the TIME photo Hunt this week but TIME ran away from me and I did not get any pictures looked up to use!!! SOOO......I am just going to blog today!!

I slept in because i stayed up late reading a new book that I just cannot put down. It is the 3rd in the series by Terry Blackstock. If you have not read these books I think you will like them if you like reading Christian fiction (which are my books of choice)!! The first book i think is Last Light, the second Nite Light and now this one is Dawn's Light!! I so enjoy them!! Great series!!

We had to take a trip over to our daughter and son-in-laws to make sure that the two cats, Tigger and Midnight were okay, feed the fish, water the one plant, and Maddie had to practice her piano!! We got that all done and came home to pick up Gpa. Then off to Wilmington Island so that Gpa could do a detail for Lowe's. (That means a measurement). We got to eat out and then after the detail got ice cream. Oh am I fat today!! We went to a very pretty street on the island. Very quiet with great big live oaks all over the place!! I love those trees. If you have read my blogs for awhile you will know that I love TREES!! Crazy but just something that I love. We do not have pretty trees here just these tall (70-80 ft) straight up to the sky pines!! When they fall they fall hard and right on your house (so we found out)!! I miss just regular trees with leaves and branches that hang down!! It was a gorgeous street. I would not want to live on the island because of the hurricanes. I don't like where we live now for the same reason. Someday I would like to move further inland!!

Today is absolutely a GORGEOUS day!! The kids mommy called from Illinois this morning saying that it was freezing cold there and raining!! Well, I told her it was lovely here!! (rubbing it in..ooops!)

Last night we took Garrett to his little league games. He is so little!! He tried to hit. He did stop a ball once and threw it into home!! He has a lot to learn. Hubby says that he has a good arm on him. Batting is another thing. The gnats were out in full swing!! Those blasted things!! They are little but their bite is awful.

Our youngest grandson trying his hardest!!

Oh today coming back from Wilmington Island, Garrett yelled ,"Gma, Maddie has a big bug on her back!!" I undone my seat belt and leaned over the back seat and looked at it!! Boy, it was huge. I am not sure what it was but by some sheer will (known only to mothers and grandmothers) I grabbed one of its big legs and flung it out the window!! I have never seen that creature before. Maddie was just as calm as could be. Garrett was having the screaming fit!! See he does love his sister (even though they fight all of the time)!!

We are home now, Gpa is taking a nap, kids are outside playing with the neighbors boys!! I am going to the front porch and read some more!!

I hope that you are having a lazy relaxing Saturday afternoon. Soon I will have to pull the kids in for a shower and then off to Saturday night church!! Garrett asked me this morning why God made bad people!! I told him that God made everyone and then gave us choices whether we wanted to be good or bad!! He thought about that one for awhile. I told him that his family had made good choices. I think he got it. They are both searching right now for where they stand with God!! I love to watch them THINK!!


Thought for the day: "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It's a slow death to be gloomy all of the time."


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Sandy, I always loved going to Tlanta and watching my grandson play in a ballgame...He is 17 years old now and still plays baseball...If that big bug had gotten on me, I would have jumped out of the car...I wonder what it was??? I will have to look for the books you are reading...I take after my dad and fall asleep reading in bed or watching a movie..enjoy the rest of your week-end.. Hugs, Barb

Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though you have your hands full and still have time to blog. Good for you.

Glad that you are enjoying the weather and the kids games and other activities. It's a busy schedule, I'm sure.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Sounds like a wonderful but busy Saturday. Most of our days are filled like this, but I wouldn't want it any other way!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. Glad you had a wonderful day. It must have been heartwarming watching Garrett try his very best. I'm sure his persistence will make him a good player. I think you answered Garrett's question very well.

Denise said...

Happy that you enjoyed your day.

Hootin' Anni said...

I LOVE this picture of Garret!!! It's awesome.

Busy days are the best.

Peggy said...

You are having such fun with your grands! Can't wait for school to end so my grands can come visit. I sure do miss them said...

I know what you mean about trees!! I think that is what I noticed like crazy when we left TN. and drove into Mississippi this summer!!! Mile after Mile of tree's that were taller then any thing I have ever seen!!
Karen said Mom," Where do you think the telephone poles come from"!!! But I would miss the branches hanging down and the leaves on the trees too!!

Your little grand son is very cute!!
Love and,Grams

Melli said...

Hehehe! GOOOOO Gma! Maddie was CALM because she couldn't SEE the bug! (good goin' on the God question too!) Now, I have to ask ... do the children CALL you Gma & Gpa -- or do they call you Grandma & Grandpa - and you just shorten it for your blog? Cuz if they actually CALL you Gma & Gpa, I'm gonna think that's the cutest thing I've ever heard!!! (and gonna wish I'd thought of it!)