Monday, May 26, 2008

Frustration with Technology

We have been trying to get some new technology at our house to actually work!! That has been our weekend so far!!

Finally in Frustration we have both given up until we can get a live person on the phone to talk us through fixing these things.

Hubby got a little hand held GPS fun toy!! It came and we were both so excited about it. We tried just playing with it to see if it would take us to the SAMS in a small town that is close to us!! As hard as we tried it would not recognize SAMS in that small town!! We kept trying and trying until well we had to give up!! I truly hate giving up when it comes to technical things.

We took it and visited the STAPLES store and hubby and "the man" tried to make it work. Well, it seems that more files need to be downloaded to it. We came home thinking great now we can get this done...

Don't hold your breath!!

The instructions were a mile long and well I got lost in them!! Hubby gave up so off we went to shop!!

I came home with something that I have always wanted from the first time that I saw it...NEAT RECEIPTS!! It is a small scanner that looks like a 3 hole punch. I figured that it would help us when Tax time comes by scanning all of our receipts and that way we would have a report to use at that time.

I have a CD and you know this is usually very easy to do!! Well I did as it said and worked my way through the CD!! Only to never find the WELCOME screen. It keeps telling me that the data base is not yet indexed. So when I push the OK button it tells me that it cannot launch because connection to the database could not be establish!! Okay!! I have been through this thing 4 times now and in FRUSTRATION I got up and walked away!!

Everything is sitting here waiting!! Since it is a holiday I cannot reach anyone so i thought I would try a live chat!! Hm!! no one is alive there!! So once again in FRUSTRATION I gave up!!

Technical gadgets are great...WHEN THEY ACTUALLY WORK!! Ours are not doing well here at the Flip Flop house!!

One good thing though...I am going to get to meet 2 new bloggers and it sounds like tomorrow night!! John and Marion have came from Wales England to visit another couple here in Georgia. Betty and Edwin are bringing them here to Savannah and hubby and I are going to be able to meet them. My list of "blogger buddies" is getting longer and more fun!! I will definitely be blogging about this meeting...So stay tuned!! That is IF my computer is still working!!


Thought for the day: "When you get at your wits end, you'll find God lives there."


Deanna said...

I totally know how you feel about techno-nightmares! We have the same printer that we moved here with, but a new computer. I can't for the life of me get the new computer to recognize the printer when I want to scan! I can print, but I can't scan. Humph!
Hope you have a great time with your visitors! Enjoy your Monday!

Julie said...

i know some people and maybe businesses are taking their name off of google and that may be why you can't find some places. Don't know just a guess. I know we took our name off and you can't find our address with gps.
Going to Brookfield Zoo today. Free tickets to get in. Yeah!!!!!!!!Just hope it doesn't rain on us.

Linda said...

I know what you mean about the technology. Our tv and dvd player are about 4 years old and everytime we want to play a dvd we have to get the manual out and go step by step to get it to play. Remember how simple it was when we only had 3 channels?

How wonderful you are going to be able to meet more blogging buddies. We must find a way to get together someday soon.

Hootin' Anni said...

Sandy I know just how frustrated you are!! I can empathize with you a thousand per cent! Have heart, it'll be working in no time.

But while you're waiting. I have a special little something for you at my blog [Tuesday's entry...scroll down]

Enjoy your evening.

Needled Mom said...

Oh brother....we can all relate!!!! It is so darn frustrating anymore.

I'm sure that meeting bloggers will go much smoother - if you can find your way to them without a GPS.

Denise said...

How frustrating.

Nancy said...

I'm back and trying to catch up...

Technology- I agree... frustrating!

Enjoy your blogging friends.

Betty said...

You stayed with it longer than I would have. It makes me so nervous to try to read instructions and figure out some new gadget. I never heard of Neat Receipts. Sounds like it would be handy to have.

Hope you have had a good Memorial Day weekend.

lillinda said...

Dear Flip-Flop
Some of us are lucky to be living next door to an 11 yo.
When me and my son can't figure it out, "Who you gonna Call?" The Eleven Year Old.!!!
If he can't do it, he gets on the phone with his friends and they talk him thru it.
Like having my own neighborhood "Geek-Squad".
LOL !!

LadyBugCrossing said...

We had a Tom Tom GPS that we returned because it didn't recognize a highway that had been up and running for over 4 years. It wouldn't recalculate and kept telling us to turn around. I did the download thing and it didn't do any better. That one couldn't get me anywhere!

I got a Garmin Nuvi at Walmart and it works great! No downloading, no nothing.

Good luck with your scanner thingy. It looks really cool! Hope it works.

Junebug said...

Hi there! Technology can be so frustrating sometimes. I usually have to resort to my son for help or a support line. We had internet trouble last week and it turned out to be a broken phone line across the street from our house. That took all week to solve. Whew! My youngest daughter left for Italy last week and we downloaded a program called Skype to talk for free on the computer with video camera but when she got there her laptop couldn't get online. Now we're trying to figure out how to stay in touch so I changed her cell phone to international plan and I can call her for my free minutes but it costs her 99 cents per minute to call me. :D

Sandi said...

I often say "techknowledge it's a love hate relationship"
Hubby and his family are from Wales England. Most all the family is still there. Holyhead is where they live. said...

How very frustrating! I don't know how to do any of this stuff!! Love and hugs Grams

Susie said...

Each new techie thing that comes to our home involves a steep learning curve. I think it's just brain overload with all the other info I've learned over the years (much of which I now never use!)
Enjoy meeting with your blogging buddies!

Carolyn said...

I can so emphathize with you. I bought a Blackberry several a month ago, and then later found out that there was a chance I could hook it up to my laptop and have internet when we went camping. We got it done, but it took about 10 hours on the phone with tech support to get it figured out. That goodness Ethan didn't mind doing it. He found it to be educational, and they were able to figure out what the problem was. I agree though -- technology is great -- when it works the 1st time:)

Oh -- and a reminder -- change the link to my blog to The one you have linked is still active, but its more or less a book blog now -- the "day to day" stuff can be found at A Second Look.:)