Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogger from Abroad

Marion, Me and Betty

I know this is "Supposed to be Wordless Wednesday" but not for this Mouthy blogger!! I had a great and wonderful night last night and since this is "MY BLOG" I plan on writing about it!!

Last night something really great and still "I cannot believe it" happened. I was privileged to meet two more bloggers..but the very very best part is that one came all the way from Wales, England!! Can you imagine???? I still can't!!

John and Marion In England

Betty from Country Charm; Marion from Reflections through the Seasons and of course yours truly Flip Flop were able to meet last night!!

And what a grand meeting that we had too!! We had planned to meet at a Steak house but I thought about it and figured it would be too noisy there so I thought that Sweet Potatoes might be a good spot for us to meet. Quieter!!

Hubby and I got there and waited but they had managed to get a little lost...finally when they walked in as always (when I meet a new blogger) I knew immediately who they were. Up and hugging was next!! What sweet and elegant people!! We were all excited to see each other!!!

I have been in contact with Marion for over 2 years I think. Somehow I just ran into her beautiful blog and was so intrigued by her country and her flowers and of course by the sweet woman that I knew that she was.

It is so amazing when you meet fellow bloggers that you immediately just "know" each other!! There was no shyness at all (those of you that know me know I am not shy)!! But we all just blended in great!!

I was so thrilled to hear about both of their lives. Betty is a beautiful woman with 2 children and a country home!! She is married to a pastor!! They live here in Georgia also!! She has a wonderful southern accent which i just adore!!

We discussed so much and had a grand time talking!! We had good food too!! I liked it and hopefully so did everyone else.

This was John and Marion's first time to America!! They live in a very quiet village in Wales which you just have to go and see the pictures at her blog!! It just looks lovely!! She is great with flowers is Betty!! I hope some of that rubbed off last night.

We sat for a long time at the restaurant and then figured maybe we had to give them their table back.

We followed them to their hotel. We sat there and talked a little bit more hating to have to call it a night. I was given two very nice gifts...Oh and Melli I have a love spoon now straight from Wales!! YES!! I am so PROUD!! smile!!

Betty and I listening to Marion describe the Love Spoons

Marion showing me the Love Spoon

Welsh Love Spoons come from Wales. It is from a custom of carving and giving that originated in Wales hundreds of years ago. Originally they we carved by young men and offered to the girl he loved as a token of his affection. Love Spoons are still given as tokens of affection or a memento. The symbols on the spoon have meanings. Mine has a heart and a cross so that stands for FAITH and STEADFAST LOVE!! How appropriate this gift was and is to me!! Thanks so much Marion. Betty gave me a towel with a bluebird on it. I found out that she loves birds just like I do so this is a great gift that i will keep also. Thank ladies!!

My how I wish I had thought to get them something Special too!!

I should not leave the BETTER HALFS out of this!! I don't want anyone upset with me!! smile. They were all so gracious to sit and be QUIET and let us talk. Husbands with bloggers for wives are really, really special people!!

The good guys...Edward, John and my hubby!!

Finally we had to tell them good-bye!! But I am so very very happy with getting to meet both of these GREAT WOMEN and their SWEET HUBBIES!! What a great time. But you know..."I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!"


Thought for the day: "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly!!"


Phyl said...

ooohhhh...I am so thrilled for you:)!!! Seems like an amazing time...and that wonderful memories were made and will be savored for years.


Glo said...

This is amazing years for bloggers. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed time together.

Glo said...
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Susie said...

So glad you had the chance to meet and it was such an enjoyable time! I think it's wonderful that the husbands also enjoyed getting together!

Jennifer said...

Oh, that sounds awesome!! I'm so glad that you got to meet them! At Sweet Potatoes, too...I'm so jealous! I know they that they had a real treat, though, meeting YOU! :)

Hootin' Anni said...

How WONDERFUL Sandy!! From what I've read in your blog and from what I've received from you through are one of the sweetest bloggers around! So you made an impression on the two you met also!! Believe me!

What a stupendous write up. Thanks for the invite!

PEA said...

Oh Sandy, how wonderful for you to have had a chance to meet Marion and Betty!! Sounds like you all had a great time and I can understand how you all hated to part. Meeting a blogger in person is so very special isn't it!! I wish I didn't live so far away from most of my blogging friends. Loved reading the history behind the love spoon, how precious it is!! xox

Pooch said...

How wonderful that all of you could get together with spouses, too!! And, yes, you do have to blog about it! Looks like everyone had a very enjoyable time!


Mar said...

That's wonderful!!! I learned about the love spoons at Melli's blog.
I have met only two bloggers in real life and I have enjoyed it so much. Glad you had such a wonderful meeting :)

Melli said...

Ohhhh how WONDERFUL! You had your meeting! That is sooooo cool! And you know... I wouldn't expect someone from Wales to bring ANYTHING else than a Lovespoon! YAY! I'm so glad you guys had a good and fun meeting - with the hubbies!!! Even better!

Linda said...

I'm so thrilled you are getting to meet so many bloggers. What thoughtful gifts Marion and Betty bestowed on you.

Carolyn said...

That was a wonderful experience for you, Sandy, and memories you will always cherish! Meeting bloggers friends is a one of kind experience!

Susan said...

Sandy you do such a good job attracting bloggers to visit you! I love it that you got to meet two more special ladies.



Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Well Sandy, it looks like your visit with Betty and Marion was great and the husbands seem to have enjoyed their time together too...You are lucky to get a love spoon and hand towel with the bird on it..I am glad you had a special time with them.

Betty said...

Isn't it wonderful to actually meet people you have met online? I think it's the neatest experience. I am so happy that you three bloggers were able to meet.

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm with may not attract hummingbirds but bloggers flock to you. Sounds like a wonderful time. So glad you enjoyed the visit.

Denise said...

How very awesome for you sweetie.

Sandy B & Dick said...

Darn, I have blogger envy that these two ladies got to meet with you and I didn't!....but you have presented me with two new blogs to check out (I did, but will go back when I have time to read more). Both blogs are lovely and ones I'll enjoy, I can tell already.

We are heading to So. FL Friday to Dick's class reunion, then #2 dtr will present us with a new g/child on Tuesday, so this is a busy week. All prayers appreciated! I'll catch up when I can...hugz

Saija said...

i'm thrilled for you!!!! how cool is that! :o)

i have YET to meet a blogging bud!