Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Today's letter is U...
words that describe ME!!

  1. Understanding: I have always tried to listen to my friends or people who just want to tell me their problems. I have always been "the one" that people just talk too. I used to simply hate this "gift" when I was in high school. Guys would come and ask me what to do with their girl friends...INSIDE I was saying..."ask me out". Guess that is where my understanding lost out
  2. Uniform: I DO NOT LIKE WEARING THEM!! Of any kind!! I hope that i never have to work anywhere that i would have to wear one. I like being able to pick out just the clothes that I want for the day..NOT what someone else wants me to wear...guess that is the REBEL in me still!!
  3. Unselfish: I try my best not to be this way. i think that i have become so much better with age. I have learned that loving others over yourself is so much better.
  4. Uphill: The direction I would like my health to start going towards...
  5. Uplift: So many things can do this to me...compliments, good music (especially spiritual or classic); company; fun; grandkids; sleep; a good movie; time with my hubby; getting away for awhile...Oh and if I had bucckkoo bucks I would consider the other kind of UPLIFT!!
  6. Upstairs: Oh do we have one!! Someday, if the Lord is willing, maybe we will not have to trudge up these steps just to get to our home. I am so happy that we have a home but when it is hot or I am worn out those steps really can present a BIG problem for me.
  7. Urban: I think that you would say that i live in an urban area. I like our location because we live in the middle of all my favorite church, Walmart, Target, the mall, work, hair salon, almost anything that we need is within 5 minutes of our home.
  8. Upkeep: I usually love keeping our home tidy and looking good!! Lately it is not getting much attention but when my fun self comes back it will!!
  9. Unjust: I hate the injustice in this world!! I think that it is all around us. It mostly bothers me for my grands. They are going to have an up-hill battle with this!! God never said it would be a bed of roses!!
  10. Unique: Yeap, I am!! Especially lately. I am not made like anyone else!! God had a special plan for me and well HERE I IS!!
  11. Unhealthy: Yeap, right now!! But praying that I will be well soon!!
  12. Uncle: I was fortunate to have some really great uncles in my life. One I was going to marry when I was little!! I guess I did not think about the difference in our ages. I just knew he was nice and looked great in a sailor suit. I had several other Uncles that were special to me too. All of them are now gone.
  13. Upwards: Keep looking that way!! Someday all of this stuff that we complain about and live through will just be a glimmer in our minds..maybe not even that!!
Flip Flop


Phyl said...

Great post! I am praying for you and your health issues:).

Jennifer said...

If I had money, you'd better believe I'd have me an "uplift" too!!
I have been thinking and praying for you...I've been where you are now, and I hate that you're having to go through's so hard. I'm glad that you're still writing and posting...try to keep some normalcy to your life. Hopefully it will all get straightened out soon. You are one of my favorite people in the world...and I hate to see you struggling so much!
I love you, Sandy...hang in there! said...

I just read your post from yesterday and I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time with your health.
You will sure be in my prayers. We have been going to Dr's for Nancy and I haven't been out visiting for a few days.
We had good news that her lungs are better from the lupus. She did have a bladder infection.
Love and hugs ,Carolyn

PEA said...

You did a great list with the letter "U". Like you, I seem to attract people to come tell me all their problems and sometimes I wish I wasn't such a good listener! lol I do hope you'll start feeling better real soon...I know how frustrating it can be when you're just not feeling yourself and nothing seems to help. Just know that you're never alone and I'm always here for you! xoxo

Hootin' Anni said...

I too love classical music Sandy. And it truly makes me uplifted. But, I have to have it blaring loud too. And I use my 'fake' imaginative conductors wand right along with it. Picture that, huh?

Hope your day is treating you well. And if I were you, I wouldn't let the 'untidy' home bother you. It'll be there tomorrow or the next day or weeks from now. Don' fret.

Betty said...

I enjoyed your TT, Sandy. I hate our basement steps, too. When we are younger and buy a home with steps we don't stop to think what those steps will be like when we are older.

Denise said...

Enjoyed your list, praying for you sweetie.

Melli said...

Oh boy! I don't think I wanna DO letter "U"... can I just bypass that one? LOL! WHAT a challenge! YOU did great!

Mar said...

I am hoping your health goes uphill. Sending hugs your way.