Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Dozen--Letter Q

Things about little ole' me
starting with the letter Q....what a challenge!!

  1. Quilts: I love them. I have several that my mother, grandmother, great grandmothers have made. I hope that i can keep them for a long long time.
  2. Quilting: No, not good at this!! I have tried though and just do not do a good job. Now all the ladies in my past were very good!! Must stop with me!! sorry!!
  3. Queen: Yeap, once and only once...a long, long time ago in high school!! But I so enjoyed it!! Wow!! What a week and a night for me!!
  4. Qwerty: This is a word for the standard typewriter keyboard!! I learned how to do this on an old Underwood Typewriter a long time ago when i was very young. Typewriters always intrigued me!! I wanted to learn to type and did..Love it today!!
  5. Questions: My mother told me that I asked them all of the time!! There is no other way that i know of to learn things!! I just keep asking them today too!!
  6. Quick Fix: This is my way of cooking!! Anything that i can quickly fix is my kind of cooking!! I wish really that i liked to cook but just do not!!
  7. Qualm: This meaning is a brief nagging many of us live with this word every day and just now learning about I am always having this feeling. God knows my future so I should not even learn this word...
  8. Quaint: I guess this is the word for the decorations in my house..unusual!! I never had a "style" or a "look". Just whatever!! So I am saying it is quaint.
  9. Quandary: Another "doubting word" sorry!! This means "state of uncertainty you face". Okay, our future...honey's and mine as to where we will live is always an uncertainty to us. We do try not to think about it often just believe that the right home will just happen for us one day.
  10. Quality: Our marriage, our children, our lives together, time we spend, so many things in our lives could fall under this word.
  11. Quitter: Something I AM NOT!! I do not quit!! I always try to keep myself going. Now with this silly pain that i have often I wonder sometimes but NOPE...I remind myself that "I am not a quitter!!"
  12. Quench: My thrist...I love my diet Liptons Green Tea for this. I never ever liked to drink and was never really thristy until I learned to drink this. Now i actually drink it to quench my actual thrist.
Well I know some of these were a stretch...but you try it!! This is not an easy LETTER!!
Have you ever received a dollar bill in your money and saw the words..."Track this bill at Well you should try this site if you find one. I have found at least two of them now.

Just this week I received one. I tucked it back and then when I got home I went to the website and entered the serial number to see where it came from. I thought this was interesting:

It started in Orlando, Florida and it took 2 years, 170 days, 4 Hours and 15 minutes to get into my little grubby hands!! How fun!! Try it the next time you see one...let me know!!



Melli said...

I think you're STILL a Queen today! Queen of the Floozies! (and Queen of the non-Quitters!) :) I'm up to "I" - and I was amazed at how many "I" words I had left over after I made my decisions!

Susan said...

Well, one thing is for sure, your house is QUAINT!! I'm thinking I am going to have to come back to your post when I get to Q. It is really going to be hard.

Don't stay in a quandry or a qualm. Be still and know that He is God.

Love you,


Flip Flop Floozie said...
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Denise said...

You are such a great friend, love you.

Betty said...

I have seen that thingie on a dollar bill, but it's been a long time since I saw one. I'll have to check it out next time.

I enjoyed reading your Thursday Dozen, and I can imagine how hard the letter "Q" would be. I dread getting to that one.

Needled Mom said...

"Q" - now that is difficult. Good job on it.

I, too, have tracked one of those bills. It is very interesting. It's amazing how those dollars travel.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, I am late getting around to visit everyone today..I spent the day with my mom and running errands...I did not post until late this afternoon....You are still a Queen..... of our blogging land...
I will start paying attention to my one dollar bills...that is cool information....Hope you enjoyed your day off... Hugs, Barb

Peggy said...

Wow, I know a Queen!!! :) I love my lipton diet green tea too!

Carolyn said...

Great job with the letter Q, Sandy. You are a Queen of Friends if my eyes, and I love how you have ventured through the alphabet, telling us about you.

Ethan has showed me a dollar bill with those words on them, and he tracked it. Wish I had thought to write it down. Maybe if we come across another one, I will.

Have a great weekend!

Betty said...

Interesting facts....boy, when you get x or z won't that be hard....Betty

Melli said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well this morning! Gotcha prayed up - hope you feel better later in the day. (((Hugs)))

Linda said...

I didn't do TT yesterday. I've been on the go this week. You did a great job with Q. Doesn't surprise me you were Queen for a day.

I have one of those dollars in my purse, if I didn't spend it. I plan to check where it has been.

Hope you feel better soon. I'll be thinking of you.