Thursday, January 31, 2008

Prasie God we are finally HOME!!

I just drove back from Mattoon, Illinois in the snow blowing all over the place and coming down. Do you know how long it has been since I drove in the snow? A LONG TIME!! Something like 7 years or so!!!

We had to leave today to take my mother to an orthopedist in Mattoon. Her knees have been giving her a very hard time. Plus she has waited for this appointment for a month now. Mattoon is about 25 miles from their home. This morning we took off and got our errands done so that we could eat some lunch and be at the doctor then come straight home. The snow storm was to hit late afternoon. We went to Steak n Shake!! I loved that because we do not have them where I live and it was fun to go again. I was so cold so a bowl of chilli seemed to be a good idea!!

We made it to the doctor early. It began to snow!! OOOPS!! Not yet...WAIT!! The nurse came out to say that the doctor would be 40 minutes late!! GREAT!! (don't you know it is snowing?) We finally got in and Mother found out that her knees are really good and hips are good too.

The doctor decided to give her a cortisone injection in each knee. That is exactly what I had done a couple of months ago and today I am feeling great!! I told her this is going to hurt!! BUT she felt nothing!! WOW!! She says she is a "tough ole' bird"!! Hm!!

We got in the car and I had to wipe it all off to be able to see!! UGH!! Snow!! I am not into this at all!! Give me a sunny day in Georgia!! PLEEEAASSEE!!!
We started off down the highway and I went to stop and slide a bit!! From then on I was quite careful going about 50 down the highway!! Those crazy big trucks just flew past me but I thought"go right ahead." I have my parents in this car you crazy people!! Plus I have not driven in this stuff for a long long time!!

So now we are at home and boy am I glad!! It has been cold and windy!! Golly I hate all of that stuff!!

Georgia where are you anyway? Staying at home where we belong until this silly storm blows itself out!!


(the picture at the top is my two granddaughters Brie and Katie on the right and front. The other girl is a friend of Brie's)


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... Sandy, I could not drive in the snow...Thank goodness all of you are back in your parents house safely.Warm up with some hot chocolate...I can see why you don't miss this kind of weather.

Everything is quiet for now with my daughter Julie..I can wait for two weeks, if the baby will let us.

I was able to add in my sidebar the blogroll for bloggers over 50, but the the names are not clear and the color is bad..Hootin` Anni sent me instructions , but I don't find it in my html...I will keep trying..

Well, I have to stop and cook dinner.Talk later. hugs, Barb

Susan said...


I'm sure that was a bit unnerving. I don't like driving in snow at all.

Glad the doctor's visit went well.

I'm continuing to pray for you.

Much Love,


Denise said...

Bless your heart, love you my friend.

Julie said...

i was wondering if you all got snow too. We got 7 inches so far and still snowing here. Just waiting to see if the kids are going to school or not today :) Am soooo glad they found gpas hearing aide.Thank you Lord!!!!

Hope said...

Hi Sandy,
You're a brave girl!! I don't drive in the snow at all if I can help it. We don't have much to speak of any more but I always tried to stay inside if I could. We do what we have to though.

I'm so glad the doctor visit went well for your mom. Being a tough old bird certainly has it's advantages! :)

Beautiful granddaughter you have there!

Stay warm,
Hugs, Hope