Thursday, November 29, 2007


I just finished watching the BEST MOVIE!! I know people do a lot of book reports on their blogs well this is a movie report!!

This movie can be seen by any age and it is one that you will not forget for awhile!! I think the message of this movie will stay in your hearts. It is about a man that has more money than anyone would ever want or need. He dies and his family is fighting over it. Typical plot!! Only Grandpa (the one who dies) has a plan in his mind!! He plans on teaching his grandson the lessons of life even after he is gone. He devises a 12 step plan....he wants to teach him the 12 things in life that he believes you need in order to become a good human being.

I thought to tempt you to go buy or rent this great movie that i would tell you the 12 steps that this movie says we need in our lives:


  • Work
  • Problems
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Laughter
  • The Gift of a Day
  • Money
  • Love
  • Learning
  • Giving
  • Dreams
  • Gratitude
What a list!! You know you really need to watch this movie....GET BUSY and go rent it!! Let me know if you do!!



Linda said...

That does sound good. I'll let you know if I rent the movie.

Melli said...

This actually sounds like one I might have to see. But I gotta tell ya - I think I GOT the ultimate gift - TODAY! Sandy... I do LOVE that baby! Oh my heart! I really do!

I'm going up to clean and do some things for Mom and George tomorrow - but if I have time I'll look into your blog troubles when I get home. Sorry I can't get to it sooner... :(

Denise said...

Sounds like a really good movie.