Thursday, November 29, 2007

I thought that I would try something different on Thursdays. I love Thankful Thursday and I have done Thursday Thirteen for a long time. Just as a change I am going to go through the alphabet (like many of you have been doing) for the next 26 weeks!! Only I am going to be doing a dozen so that I will not be copying anyone!! Smile!! So here goes my new meme for me:

  1. Amicable: Most people would say this about me I think. I try to be friendly to everyone that I have met in this life.
  2. Anger: I had that problem for many years but now with the help of God I no longer have anger issues. It takes a lot for me to get "mad" now.
  3. Ambition: At my age I guess the only "ambition" that i have is to finish this life with tons of friends and love from everyone that comes into my life.
  4. Affluence: hubby and I do not not have much except for our Love for each other and the knowledge that we will always stay that way.
  5. Antique: I have been told after 30 years that makes something an antique…well that puts me there. I have several antiques here at my house. They are not worth anything as far as money goes just memories.
  6. Aroma: My favorite smells are: lilacs; newly bathed baby; rain; gardenias; coffee just brewed; and fresh baked bread!! Yummmy!!
  7. Adventurer: I used to be. I loved carnival rides and anything like that but now I think I have just slowed down and know that I “break when I fall”…remember the trampoline accident that I had?
  8. asleep: One of my favorite pass times!! Smile!! I love sleeping!! I have two of my three children that love that time too!!
  9. Alone: I have times that i love to be alone just to do what i want to do...but most of the time I love having someone around me.
  10. Attached: hobbies and my computer I would say that I am quite attached to!! Sometimes too much!!
  11. Ache: Oh now this is one that I can really relate too. Every day is a new day in this department. I never know what new ache or pain I will wake up with every morning!! Such fun!
  12. Attitude: This is something that I always work on. Always have a good attitude no matter what happens in your life. I believe that it happens for a reason and you will learn a lesson from it.


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, you have a cool plan of action with the number 12...Why did you show donuts... I love them and can't eat them...Have a good day.
Barb said...

I love the smell of fresh baked bread too!! You sure did a great meme!! Wow, I am impressed!! I can never think of any thing! Well sometimes!! Blessings, Carolyn

Lazy Daisy said...

You totally forgot adorable! Hope the aches and pains are better. Miss you!

Glo said...

You did a great job on you meme today and a nice change.......but donuts...I love donuts now because of the pic I want them....shame on you for tempting all of us.. Just kidding. You know we need someone to blame if we gain a pound or two.
I'm glad you like my blog today.
Have a great day.
Oh yes I with lazy daisy you forgot adorable....That be you.

Linda said...

Oh how I can relate to "alone time". Hubby has been gone a few days and I enjoyed being here alone sooo much!!! Now that's he's back, we plan to get the house decorated. I love your meme. Great job!! I thought I would start an A-Z meme in January.

Denise said...

Great meme.