Thursday, September 06, 2007

THE ONION MEMEI've been tagged by Linda for this quite revealing meme. The purpose is to strip you down like an onion layer by layer. So now I stand here before naked. (Oh run, is scary!!)

Let's get going so you can see how this happened!!!

On the Outside

Name: Sandy W
Birth Date: February 20, 1945
Current Status: Married for the past 43 years
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown/getting very gray

On the Inside

My Heritage: English and Irish
My Fear: Financial/money
My weaknesses: Shoes, and handbags
My Perfect Pizza: Bacon Pizza

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

My thoughts first waking up : Do I have to get up?
My bedtime : Good I need to sleep
My most missed memory: Some of the things the kids did when they were little!!

My Pick

Pepsi or coke : Neither
Single or group dates : Do Not do either
Adidas or Nike : Nike
Tea or Nestea : Brewed Iced Tea or Liptons GREEN TEA
Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate
Cappuccino or Coffee : Cappuccino

Do You ****?

Smoke : Never I would have had to get a divorce!!
Take a shower : Yeap I hate taking baths!!
Have a crush : Tom Selleck for sure!!
Think you’ve been in love : Definitely. Sure still am
Go to school : A looooog time a ago Of course!!
Want to get married : I have been for so long now and do not plan to ever do it again!!
Believe in yourself : Sometimes but mostly in God!!
Think you’re a health freak : Nope

In the Past

Drank alcohol : Some
Gone to the mall : Sure. Who hasn't???
Been on stage : Yes. and loved it!!
Eaten sushi : Just tasted it!!
Dyed your hair : Yes but have quit now!!

Have You Ever***?

Played a stripping game : Never it would scare me let alone anyone else!! SMILE!!


Get married: Already married!!

In A Guy

Best eye colour : my husband's eyes
Best hair colour : my husbands hair
Short hair or long hair :My husbands hair

What were you doing

A minute ago : doing this meme
Hour ago : working on this computer
Month ago : are you kidding me!!??
Year ago : I have absolutely NO IDEA!!

Finish This Sentence

I love : my family and friends
I feel : just fine
I hate : someone who lies
I hide : telling people things that bother me
I miss : being young
I need :financial security


The cat is out of the bag: I´m a rotten onion...
... and therefore I tag:

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Peggy from Hidden Haven Homestead
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Jane from Cozy Reader
Julie from Jules Journal


Lee-ann said...

Sandy, your posts are great and I love to learn a little bit more about my friends and this meme did show me your a very happy lady!!

How is the weather still hot for you, I think it is going to be a long hot summer here for us.

hugs to you.

Melli said...

Ooooookie doke! You're on! I'll do it! I guess the little Onion Man has to go along WITH this one, huh? LOL! Well... I'm snatchin' him, even if he doesn't!

Beckie said...

Hi Sandy!
This was GREAT! You did good. I especially like your answers on Layer 9! You tell 'em.

Got a question for you on mine.

PEA said...

Geezzzzzzzz Sandy, get some clothes on will ya?? hehe I'd never seen this meme before and I quite enjoyed it! I'll never look at a green onion quite the same way again! lol Have a wonderful day my friend! xox

Julie said...

Just saw this this morning will get it done today:) Have no kids this am Yeah!!!:)

Linda said...

These little meme helps us all learn a little bit more about each other. Good answers. Hope you enjoyed doing this.

Donetta said...

Dear Lady please use care with your birth date /name The folks who steal identity would have a field day with this. Use the season and year maybe
Concerned for your security.