Sunday, August 19, 2007


Lately I am as busy as these two kitty kats dancing (if kitty kats could dance)!! I feel like i am coming and going all of the time and my calendar looks like it too. YES, once again this ole' FLIP FLOP lady has taken on way TOO MUCH and she ONCE again knows it!!

We are also painting!! Our small bathroom is almost painted!! We are re-doing it in a shell theme with tan, beige colors this time!! I was trying to help hubby this morning and had climbed up on the sink to get the upper trim. I was done so was climbing down. I stepped from the sink to the stool. The lid on the stool gave way my leg went into the water and the lid broke!! WELL, water went everywhere!! I had to clean that up!! NOW we have to buy a new stool lid!! SUCH IS LIFE here at our house!! BUT we will have a nice bathroom for when our Blogging Babes come in October. We are also going to paint our family room. I am also hoping to get Melli and Lazy Daisy's bedroom painted too but DON'T hold your breathe on that one!! I just have high HOPES right now!!

I have Apples of Gold in just a bit so have to head to the shower soon!! If you read here much you will know that I am going to be a mentor there. WE have an open house today. I am been doing the computer work for that!!

My testing is over at CURVES. This week I am offically working as a Circuit CURVES coach!! I work two shifts, one on Wednesday morning and one of Friday morning!! NO, I am not going to make a TON of money but I am going to be working!!

Tuesday the grandkids stay the WHOLE day with me!! I am now figuring out what to do to keep them entertained!! They are very good!! They start school after Labor DAY!! They will be starting 1st grade and 3rd grade!! My when we moved here Garrett was just born!! Can you believe that time has flown that quickly.

Well, off I go now to the shower and off to Apples of GOLD...Oh, our neighborhood Party was a GIANT success yesterday. WE had several brand new neighbors there!! That is our goal to reach NEW neighbors. Our next party is going to be a decorate your own HAT party in November!! Sound fun? Well, we hope so!! Wish ya'll were closer and could come. We sure have fun!!


T*mmy said...

Goodness...I'm glad you werent' hurt with the "toilet bowl" accident!!
Have a great day!

Melli said...

Aw Maaaaaan! Can't ya do that "decorate your own hat party" in OCTOBER? While I'M there??? LOL! Sounds like SO much FUN! I can't wait to see pictures! LOTS of pictures!!!

Sandy... I do hope you are not going to all this work JUST because we are coming!?! Please tell me you are NOT! I do NOT need anything fancy!

You know... when my Krysti was 4 she had a similar accident with the toilet bowl -- only HER foot got STUCK in there - and we had to call the Fire Department and a plumber to get her out!!! It was SOOOOO funny! (she doesn't think so though...)

I met the new Music Director today! God sent him! JUST FOR ME!!! Answered MY prayer down to the letter!!! I'm walking on CLOUDS today -- which is WAY easier than walking on water!!!

Hope you have a great time at the shower! And a blessed week! said...

Good Heavens Sandy!!! You could have broken your ankle or who knows what!
Thank Goodness you were not hurt....

It sounds like you are really busy! It you do have a sec come over and see what Karen did for me on Friday night!

And guess what! Glo who blogs, we just found out we live a few miles from each other, well 25 or 30 miles!!
We have e-mailed each and other all afternoon yesterday! This is really neat!

Peggy said...

you are so busy but its always such fun things you are doing.Love the neighborhood party ideal. Think I might try that here.

Nancy said...

You are one busy lady and all of it sounds like so much fun. A hat party... how creative. Keep us posted on the results! Have a great week. (another hot one hear in the south, huh!)

Jennifer said...

Goodness, Sandy...tell me you're not doing all this painting just for us?? What star treatment we Bloggin' Babes are getting!! :)
Love you!! :)

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself Sandy. Furniture can be replaced, you can't.

You certainly are busy, though, I felt exhausted after I had read what you're up to!

I'd love to come to one of your parties...they sound like fun, but hey, I'll be there in spirit!

Take care

the night owl said...

Well... Sandy I am so glad that you did not fall worse than this..Do you need to borrow a ladder from us.We have all sizes..I want to get together with you in planning our Oct.visit with the girls.Give me a call....I don't paint walls... Baba

Lindah said...

It sounds like you are having entirely too much fun! Well, except maybe for the bowl dance. Please give yourself time to recuperate from that! Your neighborhood get-togethers are a wonderful idea!

Lee-ann said...

Sandy do you know there are more accidents in the home from DIY projects then any other works so you look after yourself and stay safe you never know we may get to visit with each other just one day and I would like you to be around lol lol lol lol lol.

The ladoes of your neighbourhood getting together is a lovely idear.

Your Sunday sounded yes very busy I hope next Sunday will be a little less so for you.

blessings my friend Lee-ann

Linda said...

Glad you didn't hurt yourself with that fall. I'm jealous you are getting so much painting done. I would really like to do some painting here. What you should do is tell Daisy and Melli you are having a painting party when they arrive. Present them with their own paint brush and can of paint. You girls are going to have a great time. Cana't wait to hear all about your adventures.

Glo said...

Hey Sandy, So glad you didn't get hurt. Stool lids can be replaced,but "special"people can't.I'm jealous of you painting too. Mike and I always talk a good talk.....but it's a lot more fun to go fishing,set on the porch or go for rides spotting deer.
Wishing you a great time with your friends.
God Bless

Susan said...

Oh no! I'm glad you're OK..but hope you will take care to not spread too thin. It's hard, though, isn't it?

Hugs from afar,

:-) Susan

PEA said...

Soooo...been doing much lately?? hehe Sandy, you have to be the busiest gal I know these days!! All fun stuff, though, right...well maybe except for the painting and almost breaking a leg!! lol Thank goodness you weren't hurt! Sounds like more fun times coming up:-) xox