Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Here it is another Tuesday!! I goofed yesterday and did not get my blogging done!! There just were not enough hours in the day it seemed....well not for me anyway!! It is so HOT but like one of my blogging friends, Peggy said...at least it is just HOT and we do not have a hurricane coming toward us!! Yes, she is right so why do I complain!! It just makes me tired so easily at least I am hoping that is what is making me so tired these days.

I got all of my washing done, trip to workout at CURVES, my Apples of Gold done for the morning, and then off to Walmart to fill up my gas tank for the week. I shopped the store looking for some things to make my new painted "guest bathroom" look nicer after the fresh coat of paint. I brought it all home and did not like the shower curtain.....so back it goes!! I am usually NOT really particular but I have in my mind the way I want this room to look.
Understand!! I wish that I knew something about decorating!! I did find one that I liked at Home Goods. I may have to go there...WHEN???
My son in law stopped by with the kids!! Both of the cats hide when the kids arrive!! Annie especially. You know I think she was abused by some children as a kitten. Any who!!! I digress...Madison wanted to spend the night!! okay but you have to let Grandma take a nap!! She is so good. I slept while she played her games on the computer!! She is a sweetie and really to be trusted.

After I got up...she said that she had a surprise for me. She had made appetizers for Gpa and me and set the table in the kitchen. We had crackers and cheese!! HOW SWEET of her!!
Today I try to keep them busy. My day will run until about 8:00 tonight with them. You know someday they will NOT want to come to Grandma's house!! Perish that thought!!!
Hope your day is going GRAND!! Now to get mine going...Off to the SHOWER!!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Not want to go to grandmas? Are you kidding...may it never be. Not Maddie and Gar Bear! Miss those kiddos, they are growing up way to quickly. Miss you...stay cool!

Talk..to..Grams said...

They will want to come to your house!!It sounds like you were having a really good time!!

I got my drivers license's renewed yesterday and I am glad that is over for another 6 years!! You have to be abled to read a row of signs without the words on them. I did fine!
Try to stay cool! It is hot here too!

Linda said...

I don't think your grandchildren will every out grow wanting to spend time at grandma's.

Here's another "quinky dink" as my son in law calls it....You have a cat named Annie. I had a cat named Annie that I inherited from my niece. She was probably 18 years old when she died. She was a blue eyed calico.

T*mmy said...

My Ohio grands were just here for a visit...and Clarence will actuall hiss at them and run hide when he can! He's always been king of this castle so I guess that is it!

Melli said...

I can't imagine those grands ever NOT wanting to come... but I guess ... MAYBE ... when they're teenagers! BUT... it also MAY be that your house IS where there wanna go! (which can cause a whole 'nuther set of problems! LOL!)

Hope it cools off for ya soon! We're heading out to New York around 3:00 AM... I guess we'll be back Thursday night... maybe Friday. Pray for safe travels!

Saija said...

you're making memories ... :o)

PEA said...

I remember when my boys got into their teens and then didn't want to go spend time at my mom's....she was devastated! lol So yes, enjoy them while they're young!! Sounds like you've been quite busy...me too, but it's with the veggie garden! Figures everything would get ready at the same time!!! xox

Denise said...

Hello sweet one, have missed reading your blog. I love you.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you were able to spend wonderful time with your grandchildern.

Madison is such a sweet girl to make you some appetizers.

Maggie Ann said...

How sweet you see your grandchildren so often....I'm jealous...smile.