Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beautiful day today somewhere in the 80's and just plain gorgeous here in Savannah today!! I just returned from having lunch with a good friend!! We had not seen each other in a while so it was fun to catch up with what each other has been doing!! I got to go back to Sweet Potatoes again!! I can hear you saying...Man that lady goes out all of the time!! Nope not really. It just seems these last two weeks have been filled with friends!! Those of you that know me know that I am in my "happy element" when friends are around!!

Madeline and I were mentors together for 5 years at our church in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)!! She lives on the far side of Savannah. Thus we do not get to see each other very often. This was nice getting to see her again!! PLus as you already know I got to eat some more very very good vegetables!! They sure know how to cook them right there!!

Other than going out for lunch it has been just a regular day here for the floozie!! I ironed and have more of that to do...supper to get and well you know those ordinary things.

I have not heard from my friend Betty today. I will call her later. I always hate to call her because I know she will be resting. She should be having her bone scan and then her radiation this afternoon. I so pray that her bone scan does not show that the cancer has spread to her leg!! What more can this lady handle right now! I have no idea really!! She is very brave and believes that God can and will heal her. We have to believe that right along with her too!!

Well, guess I should get to my ironing!! DUH!! My friend Tootsie is off to be with her daughter this week. She is having an operation and Mother has to be with here during it of course!!

Hope all of you in blogland are doing great today. Stop by and say hi.


Peggy said...

Your sweet potatoe resturant is almost like the one here in Winston Salem and I LOVE it! I have ironing to do if you want more. I hate that chore! I have been cutting grass and working in the flower beds.

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,...I went to Curves this morning and my nurse friend ,Diane was there.She said that our other nurse friend , Bertha, has quit Curves.How sad that she could not make it...What did you try to send me today ? I got my picture.Did you use e-mail or blogger ??
See you later, Baba

PEA said...

Hmmm seems like you have all the heat over there...please send some back over here!!! It's freezing cold out there today and still raining..the furnace has even kicked in!! Apparently this is just a cold front that has moved in for a couple of days and then we'll get back to our more normal temps! Hope my flowers don't all freeze! Sounds like a lovely lunch you had with a dear friend...those are the best times:-) My prayers continue for Betty!! xoxo

Linda said...

The Sweet Potatoe restaurant looks wonderful. I always enjoy getting together with friends for lunch. On Friday I'm meeting a couple girls at a Tea Room for lunch.

You iron?? I gave that up years ago. I only iron something right before I wear it....no more standing for hours. Do you remember ironing sheets?

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, love the new picture on your side bar. Hmmm....I bet you had the vegetable plate again! Miss you so much.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. Hope that Betty's cancer has not spread to her legs. I do hope she will be spared from further heartache.

I agree with Daisy, I like your new picture. Take care!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Enjoy that warm weather. We have fog in the morning and beautiful sunshine in the afternoon. Typical Bay Area weather. Still praying for your friend Betty..
(love your profile pic BTW!)