Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have been a little busy, a little down and just a little not into blogging lately!! Just in a funk I guess you would say....Today is my Tid bit Tuesday so guess I will write a little today!!

  • Spring break for the Chatham County kids SO I went over to my daughters and watched my two grandchildren till after lunch. Both mommy and daddy had to work which is quite unusual for them.
  • We then took off and ran a couple of errands. Boy it is hot today...HUMID..we are the LAST ones in the neighborhood to turn on the A/C. ... it is still not on!!
  • We are home now waiting for the neighborhood girl to get home so that my two grandkids can go play with her. They are so bored ya' know!!
  • They really have been good...Honestly!!
  • We operated on doggie today!! Garrett's pal that he has carried around since he was a baby. His stuffing was falling out again. He is in the recovery room now waiting for the injection to wear off..smile!!
  • Looks like rain outside soon...we have a 30% chance for it to happen so I watered the flowers anyway hoping that it would make it happen!!
  • Where are all the bloggers this week? Is everyone on Spring break too? Hmm!!
  • I know this is Holy Week and I am trying NOT to complain just miss everyone that is all!!
  • Well not very newsy this week. I seem to just be here. (oops no pity party allowed)
  • This week is Tootsie's birthday. I have a gift for her. Just need to get it over there. Hope she likes it.
  • Our family that lives here leaves tomorrow for Tulsa. They will be visiting with family so that leaves us alone for Easter. That is fine as long as we have each other.
  • Hope you are having a great Tuesday.


Susan said...


I know what you mean about missing bloggers. I go through that occasionally myself. It sounds like you're going to miss your family on Easter as well. I pray that you have a wonderful week just basking in the greatness of our Lord.

Hugs and Blessings to you!!

:-) Susan

Peggy said...

I have been making myself blog for the past couple of days. Just not into blogging lately either. I try to concentrate on the good things of the day then go off by myself and have a pity party over the other parts of the day.

Julie said...

Tell Tootsie happy birthday for us:)Hope doggie is doing better now;) Happy Tuesday.

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,...I got the e-mail of the babies. I am so glad that they will start getting out more. They are so cute.Tell Tootsie Happy Birthday!!
from me.I hope to get to Curves early in the morning.Talk later. Barb

on the Rock said...

Oh, love the new music choice!
Happy Easter Week!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Babe, Charlie's surgery is scheduled for this coming Tuesday. Tell Tootsie Happy Birthday from me too!

Susan said...

Hey...I nominated you for a blogging award. Come on over and read about it.

:-) Susan

gab said...

Yes my grandkids are home for this week and I watch them all the time. Only 2 of the 4 go to school so I am happy to have 2 extra pairs of hands to help with the baby.

Maggie Ann said...

Happy Easter wishs to you & your family! Yes, I miss my blog visitors on slow days/weeks too. It gets lonely out here in blogland sometimes...but life is busy, and now its spring cleaning time and outdoor work to do. I like the shut-in/cozy days of winter really.

Anonymous said...

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