Sunday, February 04, 2007



Hello and Good Afternoon!! Super Bowl Afternoon here at our House!! Maybe at yours too!! Hubby is thrilled because his team is one of the 2 special ones today!! Go DA BEARS!! DA BEARS!! I am not a fan of sports at all and never have been but my hubby is very excited and happy today! This is when the idea of 2 TV's is one of the greatest ideas that man has come up with. I am sitting here in our comfy bed in comfy sweats with a nice laptop on my lap. I have a big pot of chilli cooking in the I am doing fine.

Both of us have been sick most of the week. Hubby got a sore throat Wednesday and a cold. His throat is still sore and that worries me of course. I have had a sinus infection for a long time now. I finally got a doctor appt and diagnosed myself and he gave me medication.(course then I have to pay him...where is the problem)!! I am hoping soon to feel better. I have had major headach
es. Ouch!!

The picture above is of our two cats Simon and Annie. Annie has been with us for about a week now and is settling in pretty well. As you can see by the picture they are laying on our bed pretty close to each other. I think this is a good sign that things are going to be okay. If Simon is smart he will soon understand that Annie has claws...CLAWS RULE!! See my unmade bed!! Well, they looked so peaceful that I just thought, "let the bed sit, they are happy!" I am getting old and getting an "who cares" attitude anymore!! If it makes someone or something happy well that is fine with me!!

Hope your weekend has been great!! We had a great NEIGHBORHOOD ladies get together yesterday. We had 18 women show up!! Tootsie and I have done this for over 2 years now and FINALLY we have had our biggest attendance. fliWe
started out with some parties at 5 or less...look where we are at now!! YEAH!!

With all we Savannah ladies smiling at you we will leave now....see you tomorrow...

Flip Flop stuffed up but happy!!!


Susie said...

Glad you have cozy cats, comfy bed and your own TV to relax with. Hope you feel better soon!!

Melli said...

You are just the cutest little bunch of ladies! And I wish soooo badly I could come down there to one of your lady parties! Sounds like sO much fun!

I do NOT move kitties to make beds anymore either. If I HAPPEN to walk into the bedroom and no kitty is on the bed, then I will make it! But otherwise the bed goes unmade! WHO cares??? NOBODY sees it! I promise if we have a fire in the house and have to call the fire department, I'll run up and make the bed FIRST! LOL!

I got your blog straightend out... you don't even want to know what the problem was! I'm kickin' myself all the way to next Tuesday!
(i'm sure you'll figure it out when you look at the coding!) If ya need anything else, holler!

the night owl said...

I hate to hear that you and Hubby felt bad all week.I watched the super bowl with Fred and our neightbor.
I was for the bears.Sad they lost!!!
I have my post ready for Monday. Will you be able to go to curves in the morning?I will see you , if you go.
Take care,

Peggy said...

Annie looks like she has been there forever! They both are adorable

Viamarie said...

Hope you're feeling better today.

The photo shows a bunch of pretty and ahppy looking ladies. The gathering must have been very fruitful one.

Happy Monday!

Hootin'Anni said...

Awwwwwwwwww, the kitties look so comfy! Sweet picture.

I hope you're feeling better as I visit you this Monday.

I'm down in the dumps today as you can see in my blog poem---but thought if I visit with my online friends, I'd soon begin to feel better.

And your kitties made me feel so good.

Get well Sandy.

Mrs. Darling said...

We're not big sports fans either but hubby watched the super bowl with our son in law. I think its the first time he's watched it since we've been married!

Cute cat pic!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hi Sandy...
Thanks for popping over to see me to leave a few very welcome words.
Like you I’m no sports fan, John prefers cricket and tennis. I’m always finding the radio tuned in to pick the cricket played in Australia recently.
Love the picture of your cats, they really look to be enjoying a snoozy Sunday afternoon. Love too, you quilt. Have you made that I wonder?
So pleased to hear about Annie, her and Simon look good friends already. I know George just wouldn’t adapt like that.
Sorry to hear that you have both been poorly, good wishes for a speedy recovery to you.
The ‘Savannah Girls Gathering’ sounds a great idea and I see that red was the popular colour for the afternoon. Lovely photo.
Thanks to you and Tootsie, I have achieved the fitted sheet folding technique you so kindly demonstrated for us all. I have also perfected a better way of ironing them too and do the folding on the ironing board afterwards. Love - Marion

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...I never even noticed your bed was unmade. What I DID notice besides those two darlings of yours was that beautiful quilt...

I came down to look for Simon and Annie[with an "e"] and there they are...together no less!!
Can I take them on a trip to my blog?
Then Vincent will know at least a couple of the cats present!!...let me know, Ok???...Love Terry