Monday, February 05, 2007


Monday after the Super Bowl and DA BEARS were supposed to win at my house anyway!! When my husband was born he came right out of the womb being able to say...DA BEARS; DA BULLS and DA CUBS!! Really I am almost sure those were some of his first words right after MAMA AND DADA!! No one ever really told me that but I am assuming that just by the way I have seen him over the 40 plus years that I have known him.

He was so excited about them being in the Super Bowl!! Plus he was going to get to see them on TV!! You see since we moved here to the South East from Illinois we have a very hard time getting Illinois Sports. You have to have a lot of money to be able to get the cable stations, the dish stations or whatever to pick them up....SO when they are right on YOUR TV and in the SUPER BOWL...MAN then you are in SPORTS HEAVEN!! (if you are my husband that is)

I just do not like Sports much but I knew how happy my darling husband was. I decided that I would watch a game. Now I have absolutely NO IDEA what is going on. I did learn about the line of scrimage last night and about the downs (I call them tries). I understand somewhat about the points also. I have to keep watching it and cannot do anything else or I get lost quickly.

I still have a problem of WHY if some tackles one person WHY do a half dozen other guys have to jump on that one poor guy that is at the bottom of the pile? He is not going anywhere RIGHT?? How can he?

Anyway...You will have to admit that first touchdown was something else!! Even I..MYSELF...Understood that was a GREAT thing!! We were all so excited here...but after that first quarter (oh and I did learn they play in quarters not halves)...It did not go so well for DA BEARS!!

Hubby said..."AT least they got there!" He is right!! So for you COLT fans...I know you are very happy today!! We are good losers here at this house anyway!!

Onto today....Warmer here today and hopefully both hubby and I will get to feeling better. He has a bad cold with a sore throat and I have a sinus infection. Our weather just does not know what it wants to do so everyone gets sick.

This weekend we are going to TRY to go on a short camping trip to try out our motorhome. We have to learn because in March we are taking a LOOONNNGG trip out to Arizona. We will be picking up my parents and taking them back to Illinois. They want to go back "home". Hubby and I will be traveling a LOT O Miles!!

Have a great Monday!! Time to study my bible study....



Beckie said...

Hi Sandy!! Glad Melli was able to help you with your blog. I'll email you another suggestion.

We didn't watch the super bowl but my hubby would have been for da bears too. He was glad it was a close game.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sandy!
My family are big Bear Fans too. I did like the fact that the other side's coaches were giving God the glory and you believed them. We are preparing for 4 inches of snow up here in Illinois and as of right now it is 11 degrees or 1degree in wind chill. brrr Ed is very sick with the flu. I think your folks should be thinking twice about coming back here to Siberia!!! Judy B.

celebrating life and family said...

Sorry the bears lost dad:( We were right there cheering them on. Everyone is better here at the house today. Will have daycare tomorrow but if it is still cold here the kids may be home tomorrow too.

the night owl said...

Well Sandy,!!! I did not know you and Mike would be traveling so much.Sounds like a BIG ADVENTURE!!!
I will let you know about the movie later.See you soon. Baba

Melli said...

I am SO sorry Da Bears lost last night! I WAS rootin' for 'em! Dennis and I had decided that he would take the Colts cuz he knows who Peyton is, and I would take Da Bears ... cuz I like bears! He won. Darn it. Mike's got the right attitude though! They MADE it! And that's great!

Wow! A loooooong trip in the motor home ... already, huh? Are your mom and dad MOVING back to Illinois? Or are you going to tote them back to Arizona as well? You'll be gone a loooonnnng time, huh? Good thing for laptops! I would miss you too much!

Susan said...

well...I seriously would have been happy if either coach had won. What a testimony to their faith!! It was a CLASSY game. I have to support Dungy because of his ties to Tampa Bay...

I can't imagine that being my first football game ever. I LOVE football.

Have a GREAT week, Sandy!!


:-) Susan

Puss-in-Boots said...


I've come over via the Over 50 blog.

I haven't a clue about American football, I have a hard time with rugby union. I can understand rugby league because it's simpler game (a bit like my mind really).

I hope you get camping and it's not too cold for you.

Bye for now.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

As I’ve commented on your previous post, I’m no sports fan.
That’s great news about the motor home Sandy. I hope you manage the practice run this weekend.
I’m sure we are going to be treated to lots of lovely pictures from your travels. Marion

Hootin'Anni said...

Well, as you know, I was for the Colts and Hubby was too---only 'cause of Johnny Unitas when ---way back, the Colts were in Baltimore. And besides I had a $50 bet going with my son in Houston! LOL

Hey? Sandy? I have a video/slideshow of our backyard in South Texas if you care to view.

Happy Tuesday to you.

Jane said...

I'm sorry 'da bears' lost but I admit I was rooting for the Colts!!! I hope we are still friends!!!
Have a great day!

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...Just popped by to see how you are doing..
Sorry to hear that you guys aren't feeling too well.
I have been working a lot of hours because of the large amount of snow!!
Whoever is at Katy's HAS to expect that they might have to stay over another shift if the highways are bad and the next person can't make it in!
I stayed 29 hours through this last weekend so I am a little behind on my blogging

If you DO go camping, I sure hope the day will be nice and warm and sunny for you... Take Terry