Sunday, February 25, 2007


I thought that you might enjoy a cute Sunday cartoon. Seems like I will always associate Sundays with cartoons from the newspaper. Does anyone else remember that? I thought this was one appropriate since I am still trying to lose weight and may STILL be trying to lose it this time next year!! Skin just does not go back to where it came from after you reach a certain age...Hmm..I wonder where that age stops and this age I am in starts??? I have forgotten!! But it does not matter anymore to me....My skin sags anyway!!

I have some GOOD NEWS to share!! My mother just IM'ed me from Arizona and their park avenue mobile home finally SOLD and she is more than thrilled...she is estatic!! They just have not been happy since moving to Arizona!! My brother and I thought they would be better off getting away from the cold and ice of Illinois and living closer to him BUT I guess that was not to work out. They want to move back to their home land in Illinois. Hubby and I will be leaving here on March 6th to go in our RV to pick them up and take them back. They have rented a small house on a month by month basis. They are both in great health (praise God). Mother will be 83 in July and my dad will be 89 in August!! My hubby actually had the idea that this would be more comfortable for them to ride in than to just drive back.

We also have a dolly that can be pulled behind our RV and we will load up DAd's car and fill it with their belongings. It figures to be about a 5000 mile trip. We really would love your prayers for our safe trip!! WE know that we might be encountering some different kinds of weather!! So if you can just write on your calenders...March 6th...3 weeks..Pray for flip flop's family that would be MORE than appreciated!!

I hope that ya'll have had a great Sunday. It is very windy here and keep threatening to rain but not yet!! We will be having our small group bible study here in just a few hours. I need to get into the kitchen and wipe up some kind of something for it.

Take care and best of wishes for a great week ahead!!



Melli said...

ALL the time! (you forgot that!) LOL!

I will CERTAINLY be adding you to the prayer list for SAFE travel! And you can pray for US next weekend as Krysti and I will be leaving on Friday morning and going to Keuka, NY for the weekend again! I'll be posting about it later in the week!

I'm SO happy your Mom and Dad sold their place! I'm sure that's a huge relief to them to know that it's done and taken care of before they leave! How wonderful!

Have a great study tonight! I'm going to make a decision on a study NEXT week -- and I can't wait!!! But I've got to get this travel out of the way first...

Saija said...

wow, they'll be travelling in style ... :o)

i'm sorry AZ didn't work out for them ... leo and i have spent some winters in that lovely area of the world, and i think i would be happy to sit under the superstition mountains and watch the geco's crawl by! yup yup ... especially at this time of year!


Saija said...
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Anonymous said...


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Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I recall reading a bit more about this at but then again, I could be wrong. But the site’s filled with lots of stuff, great content and weekly comps!


Susie said...

You certainly have a beautiful motorhome for your trip to pick up your parents. Should be a wonderful experience. We have lots of rain, wind and cold here in "sunny California"

Twisted Cinderella said...

First I just have to say that I am impressed that your mother knows how to IM you! My mother does not and is scared of all thing electronic! And she is only 61 years old this year.

I'm glad your Mom and Dad sold their place! That must be such a huge relief to them!

That certainly is a beautiful motorhome to travel in. Have a wonderful time.

the night owl said...

Sandy, Wish I was a kitty cat, so I could take this trip with you.Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime!! My prayers will be with you.My name in now under the 50 blog site, thanks to
Hootin-Annie.You have great friends.

Liz said...

I was grumbling to my husband that my pants were riding up but then I realised that it wasn't my knickers going up but my bottom drooping down! Along with my face and my boobs and just about every bit of my skin. Good cartoon!

Hope your journey goes well. I am so ignorant of the geography of the United States; I am learning a lot through blogging and looking up maps to find out where people are.

Ma said...

That's great that you are doing this for your parents. You have a safe trip and you are always in my prayers. Your Dad is about the same age with mine. The one I just blogged about. I can't wait to go back home to see them. And Your parents are lucky to have you. :) God bless you always. I am so happy to have met you and Melli through our blogs.


I will be more than happy to pray for travel mercies for you on your trip. I'm glad that you have your parents. I miss mine dearly but knowing that they're cheering me on gives me great hope!