Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hello...just me again here on a sunny Sunday afternoon!! I have been studying today, sleeping in late and going to a meeting at church. Just now I finally found a few minutes to sit down and do a little bit of rearranging on my blog...added a few little blinkies and took off a couple so thought I would rant a little on Sunday afternoon!!
Not much going on just some nice warm sun flowing in my computer room window and a cat that thinks I need to feed her at all times. She just jumped up on my lap for a moment and now has decided that the warm sun in the window is better...who can blame her for that!! I would be there too but my bottom will not fit!!
Hubby has been out most of the day doing measurements and looking around at what to do about my watered down digital camera. I have not seen much of him this weekend!! He is feeling some better and is trying to fight this cold that has been hanging on him for so long.
We will be leaving for parts out west just 2 weeks from this Tuesday!! Already!! The Hurricane(that is our RV) is almost ready once again to take off. I have to get in there and clean once again and load it up with some extra things that I found out I needed with our short trip a week ago!! WE have some 5000 miles that we will be covering...My hubby and I really do covert your prayers while we are gone. ALSO please pray that this addicted BLOGGER can find wireless some place so that I can blog or at least check your blogs and my email. I know this is going to be hard on me!!
I get to have a BIRTHDAY this coming TUESDAY so this is my upcoming thingy for this week. I am going to be a BIG 62!!! I am not at all dreading it because I believe that age is only a number and well I do not feel like I am going to be 62 at all. MAYBE 26!! smile!! They say that the 60's are the NEW 40's course if that is the answer then that will make me my son's age....but then that would make him back in his 20's I guess...I would imagine he would like that!! AGE is just something that happens every year and well I am just happy that I am still here to celebrate that fact!!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend and it is not
TOO COLD where you are living!! We have been pretty fortunate here in Georgia this year although we have had some temps in the 20's which is really really low for us.
Take care and have a great week in the Lord!!



Melli said...

We had sunny skies this morning - but now it's clouding up - were supposed to get some flurries this evening - but nothing to fuss about! I'm going to lose my mind with you gone for SO long on this trip! You just HAVE to be able to find service SOME of the time while you're traveling! I guess that is the only drawback to a laptop, huh? Of course - if it were a PC you couldn't even take it with you and try! (which is what happens on MY vacations!) I agree with you about the age thing... it's only a number -- and this year I am EXCITED about my new upcoming number! I can't WAIT to be 50! Did you get your new camera up and running yet?

the night owl said...

Hi Sandy,
I just got home, this afternoon, from Atlanta.We had a great time for ten days.Fred and I enjoyed our baby sitting trip and had no problems with the girls.I had no time to stay on the computer and blog!!! Back to normal now.I will see you at curves in the morning.

LadyBugCrossing said...

LLB and I absolutely LOVE your cartoon!!!!

Enjoy your trip - try to post a little bit while you are traveling, k? I'll miss you so much!

Saija said...

thank you for your bday greetings!!! and i may as well wish you EARLY birthday greetings ... Lord bless you mightily!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hey Sandy, 62 isn't so bad! I turned that age last month and survived!

Your trip sounds fabulous and I hope you have a wonderful time.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Babe, Glad to know you are looking forward to your trip. I'm sure you will be able to find some wireless on the way to Arizona and Illinois. Hope Mike gets over his cold.

Anonymous said...

So tomorrow I gave birth to a 6 lb.4 oz. baby girl, the joy of my life. Your Dad was overseas and there we were alone, just you and me. No wonder we have a good bond. Wish we were there to say Happy 62nd bday to you. You are just as special to us today as you were the day you were born. Love you and CU soon. Love Mother & Dad