Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Thursday is here and yet another day to be Thankful. Not that we bloggers have to wait until Thursdays to be thankful but we can be thankful every waking minute of every day.

Last night at our church we began the book of Romans. I am ashamed to say that I have never studied Romans before, but I am getting a chance now. We have an excellent teacher that is going to take us into this book and teach us things that I believe we had NO IDEA were in our Bible. You know the more you study OUR BIBLE the more you realize what wonderful jewels there are in there!! What a treasure everyone has right within their reach.

One of the most important things that I am SO VERY thankful for this week is that my friend Lazy Daisy is alive and well. She had a car accident this week!! She was pulling across a highway and did not see a car until it was almost too late. If she had not sped up, well I would be very very sad today!! Like she told me she had her guardian angels working overtime!!! The car really just missed her drivers door and got the door behind her and missed the gas tank too!! I am so THANKFUL that she is ALIVE and WELL right now. She has not been able to go and see her FIRST little GRANDDAUGHTER yet and I just know that GOD was watching after her that day!! God bless you Daisy!! I am so VERY THANKFUL!!

I am also so thankful that I have a wonderful husband that is having such a hard time this week trying to get well but he just keeps going and going like an energizer bunny!! He is just like one..Bless his heart. He has a sore throat and a bad cold and "his back has went out without him"!! Any of you who have back trouble will understand what I mean when I say that. Getting old is not for sissies!! Believe me!! It hurts!! But we have to remember that God only made us for a short amount of time. I live with pain everyday of my life...especially lately mine is back with a venegance!! I feel like my right leg is just extra added weight!! But remaining THANKFUL that we can still walk is what we both do!!!

One more thing then I will stop boring you...I am thankful for losing weight!! Yes for losing weight!! I weighed in this week at CURVES and gained!! I know I said GAINED...but I have to realize that I cannot always lose it and take it happily when I gain it too. Oh sure...I am in there to lose but when I gain it, it WILL NOT STOP ME FROM KEEPING ON!! God wants me healthy and I intend to keep healthy!!

Have a great Day in the Lord....


Susan said...

Great "thankful" list, Sandy!! Sometimes we get frustrated when that scale doesn't go down...but you're right...healthy is what it's about.

Have a GREAT day!!

:-) Susan

Jane said...

That's a great list. I, too, am thankful that Daisy is OK. That is truly a blessing.
I weighed in yesterday and had gained four pounds!!!!! It was because I had been traveling and not watching what I ate. BUT, this morning I weighed and had lost TWO pounds. So you just have to get back on track and not beat yourself up.
My T13 is up.

Susie said...

Glad your friend Daisy is OK. The car looks a little the worse for wear!
Hope your hubby feels better soon..

the night owl said...

Sandy, it sounds like a few of us have gained weight over the holidays.
My holidays lasted a long time. It is TIME TODAY to get back on track. The angels were watching over Daisy ..
glad she is safe.
See you soon. Barb

Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness hope Daisy is okay. Great list. I gained 6 pounds on my vacation and only lost 3 of them so far.

Lazy Daisy said...

Awwww...thanks sweetie, I'm truly thankful too. Look at all that muscle you are building. You look marvelous dahling. Happy Camping. Hugs and prayers for Mike.

Melli said...

Yes, I think a whole BUNCH of us are thankful for our Miss Daisy this week! I don't know who's testing who over there! Is she testing the Lord, or is He testing her??? Whichever way - thankfully HE's on top of the situation! Hope Mike feels better before y'all go camping!

Jules Journal said...

Hope Dad is feeling better. Everyone is better here. Yeah!!!! Glad Miss Daisy is ok. Have a great Thursday!!!

Looney Mom said...

Just going through the Thankful Thursday blogroll. Those are great things to be thankful for. Currently I can SOO relate to the back problem part. I hope you both get to feeling better soon!

Liz (Looney Mom)

Hootin'Anni said...

Yes indeedy. ALL of the blog world can be thankful regarding Lazy Daisy's accident.

Hope your leg feels better each day.

Happy Friday Sandy. I'm celebrating my birthday today so I'll invite you over to add your name to the Birthday Friday Feast's guest list.

Kate said...

SO much to be thankful and everyday! Thanks for sharing your list. I TOTALLY agree with you on Romans, there are depths to plummet in there! Awesome that your friend is ok...and your hubby! So appreciate your attitude about Curves and weight...I hear ya! Have a blessed weekend!