Tuesday, December 05, 2006


  • Off to help take care of the Roberts babies today. I think it has been about 2 months since I have been there. Either I have been sick, they have been sick or I was on vacation or had family here visiting.
  • Jack Sparrow's latest movie is out today!! I'm stopping to hopefully pick it up today (if it is not too expensive)!! Bet Wystful 1 is on her way already!!
  • I ordered my software that I have been wanting....Paint Shop Pro 11!! Now I have to wait for it to come...Patience!! (don't you love that word)
  • Pray for my 15 year old granddaughter...I am worried and scared for her.
  • I am at the Roberts house now. Lisa just left to take Ashley to their doctor. She just stuffed a dried cranberry up her nose!! (I asked her why she did that and she said because). She is 2.
  • It dropped down in the 30's here last night. I bet Lucy is really cold someplace!!
  • No, we have not found Lucy yet!! I looked all over yesterday hoping to find some trace of her. People are still helping me look and still praying for her.
  • We had a great small group Christmas party Sunday night. We played the "White Elephant"game or the "Chinese Christmas" Game or whatever you want to call it. I ended up with a very nice phone and Mike got Yankee candle holders. He was so proud!!
  • Our garage sale went well Saturday. Glad that is over. Garage looks better!
  • My hubby's business is booked up into January now!! God is good!!
  • Christmas shopping is overated and I am not going to spend like usual. It is crazy and besides we do not have the money this year.
  • People need to stop spoiling their children by giving them so much.
  • I weigh in this week. Hope the scales are nice to me. Last month I hugged them..Yeap I did for sure..right in front of everyone!!
  • I got a nice advent calender from a good friend this week. She made it. Thanks Miss Daisy!!
  • Everyone have a great Tuesday.



Melli said...

Sounds like you ARE having a pretty good day! I am too! Got a great deal from the "wood man" today! That made me happy! And the fact that it's delivered and stacked gives me a sense of 'security' for the winter months! Now I have a guy coming to give me an estimate on power washing my siding on Thursday... hope he decides to give me a good price! I'm missin' that Daisy girl! She must REALLY be busy!

Have fun with those babies!

Anonymous said...

Boy girlfriend, you are busy today. We don't do much Christmas shopping either. I personally don't like being out in the crowds except for short periods of time.

Blessings to you today.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your Grandaughter. It's so hard to watch them go through "stuff".

Hope the cranberry came out OK...I had a kid do that with a small crayon piece in school one time. It's not fun...I think it generally happens when they try to smell it...and they discover what suction really is.

May God give you blessings beyond your highest expectations this week.

:-) Susan

YellowRose said...

You sound like a busy gal!! I'm so sorry about your Lucy! I hope she returns soon! Praying for you granddaughter also!

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

SlowMo has stuffes beads, and foam from her carseat up her nose (when she was small of course). I would just have her blown her nose and it would come right out. and if they are too young to blow their nose, you just put the jar of pepper under it and they sneeze!!

Hope the weigh-in goes well!!!

on the Rock said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy.
Will certainly pray for your granddaughter too.

Terry said...

Dear Sandy...I still haven't given up on Lucy....On my way out to work...Will talk to you tomorrow.
WHERE do you get such good blond jokes? I am going to copy the last one you sent out for Grampa Yade!!...Love Terry

C. H. Green said...

Haven't been by in awhile. Thought I'd stop by and give you a driveby hug. Thanks for sharing.

Maggie Ann said...

I'm sorry to hear Lucy hasn't come home. You take care and just know I'm glad for you for every pound you gain the victory over. I need to start on my same old 8 pounds..again. Get me around sweets and well, you know how it goes...smile.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

i'm really really sorry to hear that you haven't found Lucy yet. Iknow how devestating that must be for you. *heavy sigh*

well, animals have done remarkable thing before and found their way home at last, so we'll not give hope yet!