Monday, December 04, 2006


When I was a little girl my family would go to my Grandparents homes each Christmas and Christmas Eve...taking turns every other year.

This one particular Christmas we went to my Grandpa and Grandmother Smith's home. This Christmas that I am thinking about happened sometime in the 1950's. I cannot remember exactly how old I was but I can just barely recall some of it.

I am the oldest of the grandchildren on both sides of the families. My brother is next. He is 3 1/2 years younger. On the Smith side of the family, I had a girl cousin and then rest were boys!! There were 7 of us in all. I believe the event that I am remembering though that only 5 of us were there.

We all had met as a family that night for Christmas. I remember it was night and I think for some odd reason that it was a Sunday night. My cousins all being very small and still believed in Santa Claus and since I was SO MUCH older (I think I was around 10) I did not believe anymore!!

Someone had said that we had a special guest coming that night. I thought Yeah..WHO? You know since I was BIG and probably thought I knew so much!! SURE!! What do you know at 10 especially then!!

I remember hearing the jingle bells first and thinking...WOW!! What is that? I think I was wondering if it was time to start believing again!!!

Everyone seemed to be getting excited and the little kids all were running for the door. Sure enough in walked a big Santa Claus with a big bag on his back.

The big man dressed all in red walked in saying, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!! HO, HO, HO!!!"

My little cousins and brother were all excited and started jumping around and yelling, "Santa Claus, Santa Claus!!"

You know I do not remember a lot after that. All I do remember is that I wanted desperately to believe again!! At 10 I wanted to believe in Santa Claus all over again. I knew that I shouldn't because there just was NO SUCH PERSON. Daddy and Mommy got our gifts even though we did not get much.

My parents were tenant farmers and we only received ONE gift apiece.

When we went to our grandmother home we usually got a couple a piece and I always felt so happy that I got two!! Now kids get so many that they cannot even play with what they have!! They are so busy opening that they even forget what they get or who they got them from!! I think this has grown so out of prespective!!! They do not even have an idea what Christmas is about anymore!! What a crazy world!!

Back in the 50's things were so different!! Sometimes I wish that the world could go back to that time and slow down but then again I know that our world needs to keep advancing!! We would not want to get stuck in that period!! We were all more naive then!! Nothing wrong with that I say!!

That was a fun night for our family!! My mother reminded me about my grandpa Smith that night. The adults had a grab bag instead of buying gifts. My grandpa Smith was very tall and thin. He also was almost completely bald. When he reached in the grab bag he pulled out a pair of dangle red earrings (clip on then of course). He put those on and wore them for a long time that night. He looked so cute and everyone made fun of him. What memories we hold in our hearts and minds....LONG AGO MEMORIES of a childhood gone now but still remembered.



Anonymous said...

I just read this to your Dad and he said he does not remember that far back he was too young then and too old now. I remember as if it were yesterday, I was about 29 and your Dad was about 35. What a nice remembrance, really enjoyed reading todays memories. May you always have such wonderful times to remember, that is what childhood is all about I think, the wonderful memories. Love you Mother & Dad

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, you always make me feel like I know you. YOu seem like a very special person with God in your heart. This makes me all warm inside,as I am trying hard to put God back into my life again. I am a Georgia girl too. Prayers for you today. Thanks for sharing all the nice things that you share with others in life.

Anonymous said...

Sandy.........How lovely to remember with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. it was so n ice to red this post and I hung on every word as the stories fromthe past are the most important ones of all.

thank you for sharing and I will see you gain very soon.

Melli said...

What a sweet, sweet, memory! And your grandpa sounds like he was a fun character - and a good sport!

I sure do agree about wishing our world would go BACK that way -- at least a bit! People respected each other more back then -- and not JUST kids either! I'm talkin' about adults too. Our world IS getting crazy.

Wystful1 said...

You and I....with our hubbies in tow, we can go back and enjoy the way things were. I'd be more than happy sometimes to have the blissfully peaceful world we had 50 years ago.

If only we could...and have our families we have today and the ones that have passed on....ahhhhhhhhhhh, to dream!!! It doesn't cost a thing to dream, and it's oh so worth remembering these days. I think it actually makes one more at peace with the world the way it is a round 'bout way.

(Love the part of the dangly red earrings!!!!)

Happy day Sandy. Hope you find time to drop by tomorrow to see my "secret" Two for Tuesday. LOL

Nancy said...

What great memories... and what a sense of humor your grandfather had wearing the red earrings! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this story, Sandy!! It's a beautiful one and very meaningful for all of us today. You're right, perspective is everything. We've blown this holiday up and out and it's lost its meaning for so many. May we all simplify and realize and honor the real reason for the season...JESUS!! Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy!
I loved your psot today. The picture is brings back so many memories of my Christmas' growing up..a good old fashioned Santa! I believe we need to get back to the REAL meaning of Christmas...Christ the Messiah...Jesus!
Enjoy this precious season!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that was a wonderful memory! My daughter is 10 and she still believes in Santa! I'm blessed enough to be raising her in these very small towns where the children stay innocent longer. I totally agree with you on the too many presents thing! We really can't afford too many presents, but I always feel pressured like I have to keep up with the other families so that my kids aren't deprived or something! I've heard of some people who only get their kids 3 presents, because that's how many Jesus received...but I don't know if I'll ever actually do it....probably not.

Mrs. Darling said...

Loved this walk down memory lane. Yep things were different back then. I think children were more grateful for what they had. If they got a sled they were thrilled. Now they need cell phones and ipods.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

That’s a lovely story Sandy, I enjoyed reading it so much. Yes, I remember the 50’s they were good times, life was a lot simpler then and the expectation of us as children was not demanding as it is to-day. We were happy with our lot.
Great memories! Marion