Tuesday, December 26, 2006


It is Tuesday, isn't it? I am going to be confused this week for sure!! I am trying to do a short post before my house becomes a mad HOUSE for this day. There is going to be a lot going on in just a short amount of time. I want to try to get a post out before it all happens!!

  1. I was up early (6:30 a.m.) so that I could get to the PIG and buy a roast, get it on so that supper would at least be ready sometime today!!
  2. We have company coming in from Illinois. Some old friends that we have not seen in a very long time. They have been visiting family in South Carolina.
  3. My grandkids will be here today because Mommy and Daddy schedules got mixed up and they both have to work at the hospital on the same day!! OOOPS!!
  4. I went quickly to check out the after Christmas sales.
  5. I found my Christmas cards for next year. I always do that!!
  6. Women were in clusters all over the stores. Those are the clusters you go to when you go for the sales!!!
  7. I only made it to two stores. dog one it!!
  8. I went to Curves at 8:00
  9. Got myself a Spiced Chai Tea At Savannah JOES...Yummy!!
  10. Found two cute Christmas tops for next year....wondered what size I would wear next year...I hope they will still fit then!! xxx fingers!!
  11. Saved 50% on everything!!
  12. Wanted to make it to Penney's but that would have taken too much time this morning.
  13. We had a great Christmas...Hope that ya'll did too.
  14. I was not expecting anything and ended up with 3 presents!!
  15. My hubby was not supposed to get me anything and he bought me a printer for my laptop!! I was thrilled. Anything computer connected then I am just thrilled.
  16. I hope everyone had a great Christmas...we sure did!!
  17. Take care and have a great Tuesday...It is TUESDAY..RIGHT???
  18. Oh and Happy Shopping!!


Anonymous said...

Look at you Miss Thing....so organized and so much accomplished already. Hope you have a wonderful time with your company. Today is boxing day in Canada so we are having brunch with some friends of Becky, meeting up with friends for coffee, and finally purchasing a freezer at Cosco. It will be a full day for us too....(my dance card is filling rapidly!) Daisy

Melli said...

You're wearin' me out! It's time to RELAX! The holiday is OVER! I did get back to Curves today -- and I plan to be there EVERY day from now on! I am setting my goals for the new year, and gettin' my priorities lined up! That chai tea sounds awfully yummy though....
noooo... I'm not going out for one! And I do NOT do the stores after Christmas either. I do have to take something back to JC Penney -- but I'll wait until Thursday when the crowds die down a little -- and before people take Friday off for another extended weekend! (this is not a gift I need to exchange -- it's sheets I bought for our bed that I accidentally bought the wrong size! grrr...)

Well... have a FUN day today -- visiting with old friends is always fun. Visiting with NEW friends is always fun too! As a matter of fact... visiting with CURRENT friends is also fun! Imagine that! Okay... I'm outta here! Toodles!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Merry day after CHRISTmas! Not much going on here...just trying to catch up on visiting and reading posts.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

we are back:) Got a lot of reading to do. Talk to you later:) Have a great day

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Woha! Sounds like you have a lot of things going on here! I hope you have FUN :-)

Oh, I would like to get hold of both that laptop and the printer ;-) *lol*