Sunday, December 17, 2006



This picture was taken in 1969!! I sometimes look at these LONG ago pictures and think WHO is that YOUNG lady in that picture? It is certainly NOT me!! BUT it is!! It is ME...Way back then when I was OH SO YOUNG!! Julie is the little girl here...Yeap the same one that blogs now. I cannot remember this but I am SO GLAD that I wrote on the picture. I wrote: "Julie just discovered that she'd got a doll from Santa!" I just wish that I had taken more pictures. For you younger ones you have to realize that we had to have FILM and FLASHBULBS and they were expensive then just like things are NOW!! I know if you would SEE the prices you would think, "WOW!! those are cheap. But you have to remember the scale of what we made to the scale of what things cost then too!!

This is the year that I made the angel outfit. I cannot remember why now!! But I am sure there was a reason. This is Christmas 1971!! I wish now that I had written on this picture but unfortunatley I didn't.


This is me in 1980 on Christmas EVE!! Again the back of the picture says that I had a new hairdo and that I had just made this dress!! You know I wish that I could remember what happened when some of these pictures were taken. But the longer the years go by the less I remember. I guess it is good to get them down someplace!!

I guess I was really excited here!! At least it looks like I was really happy, doesn't it??? I know that my dad had made these for me. I always LOVE things that people make for me and as you know I still do!! This was taken in 1982....Still very young here...VERY!!!


This one was taken at the same time in 1982.....This is my youngest daughter, Becky. She must have been about 10 I think at this time. You cannot see in this picture but she got her Strawberry Shortcake doll. They were really popular then and she liked them. We loved having Christmas so much then when the kids were with us and young. Gifts, Christmas and kids...well you know they all seem to go together!!

I thought it might be fun to see some old pictures of the WAY I USED TO LOOK in some old Christmas pictures just one week before the BIG HOLIDAY!! We all have changed!! I just wonder where that young lady in my long ago memories has GONE? I guess she is still here but just getting older and older!! I hope she is getting wiser and wiser!! I know she is loving getting to know all of you out there in Blogshere!!



on the Rock said...

That's neat you had sewn your own dress. I used to try it in the 80's also. But now trends and designs change so quickly it's impossible to keep up for all the work that goes into it.
Happy Monday!

Jennifer said...

Sandy, you were beautiful then...and every iota as beautiful now...inside and out! I love you! :)

Jane said...

I love these pictures. You look happy in them all. Aren't memories wonderful!
Thanks for sharing them.

Carol said...

What nice pictures of you, Sandy! You were/are a pretty woman...It's nice to be able to look back and appreciate your life and your family...time goes by far too quickly...and remember, age is only a state of mind.

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!


Anonymous said...

Oh that was fun! I love looking through people's photoalbums! Even if I don't know all the people in the pictures! I especially like to look at wedding albums. Maybe you can post some of your wedding pics sometime!

Melli said...

This was a really cute idea Sandy! I don't know if I even know where to BEGIN to look for old pictures like that! And I'm not sure there ever were very many pics of me-- CuZ I was always the one behind the camera! But I'll see if I can scrounge up a couple! This was fun!

Mrs. Darling said...

I love old pics. Thanks for sharing. Dare I ask how old you are now? I'm curious.

Beckie said...

These are wonderful pictures and such a clever idea you had for your Monday Memory! I have a post up on WordPress at

Carolyn said...

I enjoyed seeing this Sandy! you may be getting older on the outside, but you are the same wonderful special person inside that I'm sure you have been all these years. It shows in the pictures! Thank you for sharing!
(and stopping by, and not giving up on me. I HAVE noticed the layout changes, and have been so proud of you. Just learning a little bit at a time. I told Ethan what I wanted for Christmas was for him to get on the computer and find a tutorial about tubes and graphics -- I have a couple of memberships that has tons of cute tubes for making sigtags and graphics and such, but I'm still clueless how to actually "make" them. I figured part of it out, but still have a white background. If he could figure some of this stuff out for me (making blinkies, etc), and then teach me step by step, that would be a great present for me:)

Merry Christmas, my sweet friend!

Tomorrow is weigh in day, and I KNOW I haven't done well, number wise, because I can check now at the rec center. But, that is the key point here. I have been going to the rec center. And walking. David keep reassuring me that I'm not losing because muscle weighs more than fat. I hope he's right:)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow! I love those old pics! You're sooo beautiful. Must be fun to see them now and remember....