Sunday, December 17, 2006

by Flip Flop Floozie

I am the most thrilled woman today!! First of all I LOVE gifts that people make for me....don't I Melli!! My new scrapbooking room (green room) is so full of these gifts now that it is almost like my room of LOVE!! smile!! This is my beautiful new addition. It was just hung by my great hubby!! My friend Susan Bowers made these for me....YES just for me!! I was so touched that I almost cried!! They say...ON the S (Believe in Yourself; On the N have FUN; On the D Destination paradise; on the Y (my favorite) I Scrap; I Blog; I laugh)!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have taken pictures of a couple of the letters that I wanted to share with you because of the great work. Can you tell how HAPPY I am with this wonderful GIFT!!!! This is the one that I LOVE The most!! It tells you about ME I think....Isn't it just great!!!???

Here is another letter!! The S letter!! I thought it was so cute also. The whoolleee THING is just wonderful!!! If you would like to go and see Susan's is the address..Maybe you could just MAYBE say that flip flop is really, really happy with the GREAT GREAT gift that you made for her...Maybe???? Susan would love some more traffic on her blog I bet!!!

Well, I guess I should take my happiness and get off here!! I hope ya'll are having the BEST of Sundays...I am and even have a migraine!!



Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Awwww.... That's just so sweet of her! Especially for you, that really matches YOU! Love them all.

*off to her blog*

Melli said...

Those. Are. Awesome. I absolutely LOVE them and can easily why YOU do too! What is the "finish" on the letters? Is it wallpaper? Or Contact paper? She didn't PAINT those designs on there! HOW'd she DO it Sandy???? I really DO love them!

Saija said...

i agree - nothing lovlier than something homemade ... :o) ... they are beautiful! blessings!

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww...they are really beautiful Sandy. Mike did a great job hanging it too. It looks really awesome. Susan is so talented. It looks great with your new room.

Mrs. Darling said...

How lovely! Pretty things make me feel all special inside. What a great friend you have!

Anonymous said...

Susan must be a very special friend! Those a fantastic and I bet they look great in your room.