Sunday, November 19, 2006


Sunday morning ponderings with a house full of company!! I love company that is not my problem I am just not feeling the very best!! Headaches all day yesterday and now another ONE!! Man where do these things come from!!!

This year we are going to have more family for Thanksgiving!! HOw fun!! This means that I am going to have to cook this year and so is my youngest daughter!! We just hope we can remember HOW!! If you smell smoke or see a huge smoke funnel coming from Savannah it might be from our house!! smile!!

Today we are going to TRY to go out to the beach. I know, I know it is WINTER and the temp is not very great for going to the beach!! One of our granddaughter loves dolphins!! We go out on a wave runner and we have seen just dozens and dozens of dolphins!! We are hoping that we can at least get her out on the runner to see them!! She has loved dolphins for a long, long time!! I will let you know what happens.

Well not much time today. Everyone have a GREAT SUNDAY!!



Melli said...

I sure hope she got out there! I've got to get to work this morning - but I'll be back this evening to find out! Have a great day playing with the family Sandy!

Jane said...

I hope you saw exciting.
I also love this cartoon. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Beckie said...

Cool...a wave runner! Hope everyone had a great time and saw thousands of dolphins! I don't believe it's quite as warm here...I have a fire in the woodstove!

Blessings to you.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I hope you had a great day! did you change your pic up top, or am I just incredibly unobservant? I was just struck by how wonderful you look in your pic.

Susan said...

Hope you're feeling better and enjoying your family immensly!! I know that things will be busy but joyful for all of you this week.