Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Good Afternoon!! Continuing with the saga in this OLE' Grandmother's life this week...this is day two and counting!! Things are going smoothly so far!! I can tell that some of you have been praying for this woman!! We have had a smooth ride so far and I for one am very very pleased with the way things are going!!

No one ...so far is giving me any troubles or problems...they are doing AS asked and without a fight!! I made this chart yesterday that they get to put stamps on for doing homework, marking the days off till daddy and mommy return and we added a NEW category because Garrett woke up this morning DRY!! That is wonderful!! I told him that he got an extra sticker for that MAJOR accompolishment. He was thrilled about that!!

We had breakfast, brushed teeth, combed hair, got dressed, and even had about 10 minutes to play before going down the stairs and out the door to the car. It was very cold this morning when we woke up here in Georgia. It was only 42 this morning. Gpa had to turn the heat on!! He usually will not turn it on until October 31st. Even when we lived in Illinois that was his rule. Sometimes you should have seen us there!! FREEZING!! Right Julie?

I had a errand to run so I stopped at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for the first time to see how it was going since I had quit as a MOPS mentor. I saw a few that I still knew and got some good ole' hugs!! They are doing great without me which I knew that they would!! I am glad that I stopped. I guess it fixed it in my head now that MOPS is behind me. I am on to another part of my life (whatever that is)!! I really did enjoy those 5 years!! We have NEW SEASONS in our lives and I am wondering what mine is right now!! Do you ever wonder what yours is? Am I the only one out here wondering? I think as you get older the question seems to pop up more....Right??? Answers people Answers!!!

My friend Lazy Daisy is always there for me as are many, many of you. I want you to know that most of you I have never met...isn't this crazy sometimes that we have never met but I value your opinions more sometimes than those that I know well? I really really do. I love hearing from you. Whether I should go back to work again? I am praying about that. God knows that I DO NOT WANT TOO... Lazy Daisy says NO...I love her answer!! My friend Tootsie says...New clothes, more income added upon hubby...think about it!! She is right too you know!!

Questions, questions....never any real answers unless you pray and then feel real peace from God. I know that only HE can give me real peace. I have felt that real peace before.

Well everyone there in blogland. I so enjoy hearing from you. I am having a time getting around to all of you today. My computer is not doing well for some reason!! Just hope this publishes.

PS...Only a couple more days and I will be meeting Susan from Learning for Lifetime. This will be the second blogger friend that I will get to meet. She and her mother will be here in Savannah so we are going to meet Thursday!! My wish is to get to meet all of you out there!!



TC said...

Going back to work is such a tough decision. You weigh out all the pros and cons and come up with a decision that at least part of you is happy with. ((HUGS))


Terry said...

Now you just be careful Sandy..
Don't you know that the calm ALWAYS comes before the storm? Ha!!
How long can two kids THAT age be good!!
Mom had nine kids..One was good and eight were BAD!!
Betty was the good one.. And I? Shamed to tell you I was in the latter group...Love Terry

on the Rock said...

As I decided to be a stay at home wife for now while I wait for God's timing on adding children to our lives, I have found that doing alittle work keeps me healthy and feeling alittle more financially secure. Housework piles up now and then. It just depends on how flexible a job you'll be entering into... Aaaah, so much to think about. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I've chosen subbing for this in between phase of my life just so I can have the flexibilty I want, my hours, my days.

Melli said...

Lucky lucky you! Getting to meet another blogging friend! Someday ... US! Yep! But for now... I'll tell you what MY opinion is about you going back to work. I think that unless you find a job doing something that you LOVE you should stick with Daisy! BUT... if there is such a job out there for you, then it could be very rewarding to be back out there! But at your point in life... you deserve to be enjoying every minute - and so it MUST be something you love! jmho...

I'm glad those litle rascals are behavin' for ya -- and yep - you're always in my prayers!

Susan said...

I'm praying for you as you watch your precious grandchildren. I can't wait for Thursday! Pray that my sessions go well tomorrow and for traveling mercies into Savannah tomorrow night.

I had a wonderful time with Mary today.



Lazy Daisy said...

Woo Hoo.....two days down and a dry night to boot. Go Garrett! Hope you are having a great time with the kids. It was 34 degrees this morning...so Charlie started the fire in the wood burner. I'm with Melli.....go back to work only if it's something you adore doing. You are all prayed up girlfriend.

Nancy said...

I am new to you. I think it is so neat to meet new blogging friends. Have a great time.

celebrating life and family said...

Glad the kids are treating you well:)When do B&R come home??? Only a few more weeks until we are on our way down south... Can't believe it. Came very quick. Have a great Wednesday. Julie

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