Monday, October 23, 2006


My first day of being a grandmother for 6 whole day and nights is about over with!! I thought I would check in and let everyone know that I am alive and well!! I still have a full head of HAIR!!

Both Madison and Garrett got up at at great time this morning. They had their favorite breakfast because I made sure that I bought just exactly what their mommy told me to buy!! They can watch TV...cartoons only up till 7:30 and then the TV has to be turned OFF!! Next comes getting dressed into school uniforms, brushing teeth, finding back packs, making sure lunch money is there, homework is there, jackets are on, setting the house alarm and out the door!!

I used to do these things 30 years ago but that was 30 years ago!!

Today I helped my neighbors hand out fliers in the whole neighborhood. We are going to have a neighborhood garage sale the first part of December. We handed out fliers now so that the community can be ready. We will hand out follow up fliers right before the date of the sale!!

I have been to CURVES and did my thing there too!! My washing is done!! Supper is now over with!! Baths are done and kids are in bed!!

All is quiet on the HOME FRONT!!

DAY NUMBER ONE is about over for Grandma SANDY!!! WHEW!!


on the Rock said...

Cute pic! Good work on day one!
Blessings on a neat week of bonding with the grandkids!

Terry said...

Hey Flip!! It WILL have it's pay- offs, I mean your watching the grand kids and all..
With all that chasing those little ones around and with all that RUNNING around giving out flyers, you will be down to 145 in no time...maybe even lower!!...Love Terry

Wystful1 said...

Oh............I don't know if I could handle a week like that!

I'd be ready for vacation about midweek! roflmao

But, all in all, they WILL have fond memories of this when they are adults and going back in time, talking about the time they had so much fun and Grandma Sandy's!!!

Happy TWOsday!!! (2nd day)

Melli said...

YAY! So glad you survived day 1! Now, onward and ... upward? Forward and onward? HOW's that saying go???? Onward Christian Soldier!!! LOL! (i know that one!) Hope day two goes just as smoothly! I'm sure it will! Those little angels will be soooooo good for granny Sandy!

Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm worn out just reading about it! Great job, Sandy. I can see how much you love your grandkids. By now, day two is half over.

Blessings to you.