Wednesday, October 04, 2006


  1. #1 Reason is the new friends that I have made!! I would never have thought I would have made so many in just a year
  2. I love meeting new friends that are just exactly like me...what a wonder
  3. Meeting new friends in other countries really thrills me!!
  4. Getting a few comments alway makes me very happy...I know, I know I sound like a child but it is such fun to get them, read them and then go to everyone's sites.
  5. Daily keeping up with everyone!!
  6. Praying for people when they have concerns and they ask for prayer.
  7. Knowing what my new friends and my "old"...seasoned friends are doing in their daily lives.
  8. Finding "new Christian" friends. That really makes me the "happiest"
  9. Finding myself concerned about my new friends and even crying when I read their blogs.
  10. The special help that I have found from these new friends.
  11. My blogging friends have taught me new talents like how to do things with my blog.
  12. I love learning about the way people live, lose weight, go on vacations, raise their animals, fix their homes up, love their children, wait for their grandchildren, pray for their dying family members, and show me their pictures.
  13. I get to show them my great family that I am so proud of and at the same time I can vent when I am fed up about something...which makes me feel a LOT BETTER!!


Saija said...

amen ... blogging has been such a blessing to me too ... :o)

MugwumpMom said...

Totally agree. I think of my blogger buddies as an important part of my life, and plot ways in my mind of how can I meet them all this side of heaven. Heh, ya never know!

Lee-ann said...

Sandy..............Yes you are right I too love very much the very dear friends I have made and will make as a blogger! it is such fun and to think the world sits here on my little desk in my little house waaaaaayyyyyy! down here is Australia and I can visit any place I like just to say hello!

Love your 13 comments about blogger.

see you dear Sandy very soon. Lee-ann

Wystful1 said...

I love the friendships also...they're so abundant here in blogland!!

But, I must 'fess up here....I'm still laughing my sides off with the picture you conjured in your comment to Melli!---I can just hear it all now...the giggles, the rolling on the floor over at CURVES and the flatulent outbursts here and there as you're both tossed out.

What a hoot.

Jane said...

Ain't it the truth. I have loved meeting so many wonderful people, including you. My blogging friends have been such a blessing in my life and I look forward each day to seeing what is happening in their lives.
My T13 is up.

Lazy Daisy said...

Great list Sandy. I especially love meeting people that you've been visiting for a long time on line. That's always fun.

MysteriousLady said...

I'm afraid my bloggy friends will give up on me because I have to work so much, I don't always get back to people fast enough.

Lynn said...

Great list. I wish I could be on more. I enjoy your posts...maybe someday I will be able to write more;-) Take care and be blessed.

Melli said...

Yes indeed! It's a whole "nuther" world here in the blogosphere! All full of MORE wonderful people that we never knew existed... and never WOULD have ... were it not for our blogs! Amazing, huh?

Maggie Ann said...

Yes, blogging has opened a whole new world of friends to share life with, be inspired by, encouraged by, prayed for...its just great. And, I think its pretty fantastic that 'Blogger' is free! What a great tool to express ourselves and share day to day thoughts. Its so much fun to 'click' over for a visit. We can travel the world with a few clicks of the mouse and some time, well, maybe a lot of time...grin, but occasionally its ok, right!

Susan said...

You are SO VERY RIGHT!!! It's amazing to see how the world opens up through this venue, isn't it??? And meeting Christian friends, that is just the BEST!!! (Especially since we'll be spending eternity together.)

I've been out of it this week as far as posting...hope to get back this weekend.

Blessings to you!!!!!!

:-) Susan

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Great points there Sandy! We can't do other than nod to confirm all this.

I think that the blogosphere and the real life makes an excellent compliment to each other to make our world just perfect!

The blogosphere is broaden your views, your type of friends and amount of friends, so it makes us even more social.

And I love your comments too :-)