Friday, October 06, 2006


I just got back from CURVES this morning and guess what !!?? I have finally after waiting for 3 whole months.... Finally got off of my "stuck place"!! YES!!

I weighed in this morning and also was measured. I have been stuck at 170 and today I broke the STUCK PLACE...If my friend Melli can put up her measurements and all so can goes:

Bust: -4.00 inches
Waist -5.50 inches
Stomach -5.50 inches
Hips -7.75 inches
Thighs -11.00 inches

This has taken me 18 months to do. I have lost 27.50 lbs and of that 27.50 lbs...20.23 is FAT!! just nasty ole' FAT!!

I know that I have been a SLOW LOSER but I think it is a GOOD THING!! I have been Patient and have kept going!!

I just wanted to SHARE today with all of you my blogging buddies that IF I CAN DO IT AT 61!! So can you!!

I am not doing the Friday Feast because I cannot answer the questions!! Is that a good enough reason!! smile!!!***

Today I need to get busy and get some things done around this house. Now the problem is if I can just get away from this computer. I think it has an invisible thread from me to IT!! Did you ever feel that way?

I have to email my greeters for tomorrow night to let them know to please show up for church tomorrow night (that takes me using the computer). I am talking with my mother right now (that takes the computer). It seems so many things in my life revolve around this little piece of wires and technology!! I love mine though.

Everyone take care and have a great FRIDAY!! I hope to get around to reading everyone's blogs today!!


(bye Bonnie!! ;-)


Maggie Ann said...

Good for you! What a joyous accomplishment. We all know how hard it is even to take and keep off 5 lbs. I'm happy for

Lazy Daisy said...

Woo Hoo....Happy Dance, Happy Dance, where are the fireworks! Good Job my friend! I am so pleased for you. Wow, are you ever an example of persistence. No wonder you are one of my dieting diva's. Great job. I broke out the green tea with citrus in your honor. Hope you are celebrated all day long!

Lazy Daisy said...

Go check out My Weigh of Thinking....your party is in full happy dance mode!

on the Rock said...

Yay on feeling great and looking great! Bu-bye nasty fat!

Yeah, the meme's are sometimes not that easy to come up with answers for for me either. But most times, it's also just great to hear what bloggers are doing or thinking, just naturally shared and without a guide. No explanation necessary...


Jane said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You go girl. I am very happy for you.
I am heading over to the party now!

TC said...

That is awesome!! What an inspiration. I have been battling a plateau for a few weeks. I lost last week but I have a feeling I am back stuck again. I weigh in tomorrow. Thanks to your post today, you have given me the inspiration I need!

celebrating life and family said...

Congratulations...Keep up the good work. We are going to a football game soon to watch Brie and the marching band again. Two competitions this weekend and the other 2 girls are going to Jessie's wedding in Missouri. Busy busy. Julie

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!! I'm soo happy for you!! I soooo need to get motivated!!

TC said...

thanks for the things you said yesterday. I was really touched. I have saved your message, and I will take you up on your offer. You are an incredibly sweet person.

Peggy said...

You can't see me but I am doing the happy dance for you! way to go!!

LadyBugCrossing said...


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

YEAH! Congrats!!!!

I had a break at the same time, but quite the opposite, I have managed to gain some weight which I wanted, so hurray for me too :-)

Melli said...

Oh my GOSH! I can not belieeeve I didn't get OVER here yesterday!!! ((((((HUGS SANDY!!!))))))))))
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! This is just wOnderful news!!! Goooooood.For.YOU! How much did you lose this month? You are WONDERFUL! See? You just stick with it and stick with it and stick with it... and eventually weight comes off! YAY YOU!!!!

...jus me said...

Good for you! Lazy Daisy sent me to celebrate with you! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

I have told you all along you could do it, Iknow, been there and done that. You know how much weight I lost and I didn't even try, but you know how I did it. So far I am keeping it off and it is so much fun buying clothes now. I even get compliments from my hubby of almost 63 years, so you know I have to look pretty good for an 82 year old grandma. Just keep it up and all will be ok. Love Mother