Sunday, September 10, 2006



Pictured here are most of the ladies that went this past Thursday through Saturday morning to Tybee Island on our greeters retreat.

We had a good time just relaxing and sharing ideas.

Our hostesses grilled hamburgers (Bubba burgers) for us the first night in the pouring down rain) as you can see!! They put an umbrella over the grill. I hung out the open window and took this picture!! Guess you didn't know just how brave I really am...anything for a picture!!

That night we talked and talked and talked. Finally d
ecided to play TABOO!! We had a blast doing that. One of my friends kept drawing words that were body parts. These words she had to explain without using words that were listed on the cards. If you have not played this is TONS of FUN!!!

The next morning we just got up when we wanted. Laziness!!! I was on a couch
so I had to get kind of get up since I was in the middle of things!!

To explain,this beach house is built with two apts, one on top of the other. Myself and two other friends stayed in the top apt. I let them have the two bedrooms and I took the couch. Each apt has a kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Very neat!!

My friend Vicki cooked breakfast. Yummy!! It was good. After that we went out into this lovely courtyard that was completely p
rivate hemmed in by a jasmine covered fence surrounding a kidney shaped pool. The breeze was just wonderful. I could have stayed there ALL DAY!! I felt like a queen!! We had devotions and some other "Business stuff". We then had the rest of the day to ourselves.

Several of us took off for the beach. We walked the beach, shopped in the shops, looked at the bargains, and just plain had fun.

Came back to the beach house, ate lunch!! Then it was off to that beautiful pool!! Somehow I have lost my NEW swimming suit so I had
to opt for shorts and a t-shirt but that was not going to stop me!! NO SIR!! Some of us got in and had a wonderful time. This is my friend Vicki and myself having a great time. After swimming I sat out in a lounge chair and almost went to sleep. I was so relaxed that I hated to have to move.

That night we went to a seafood restaurant and ate outside. I had a hard time with the menu. I am from Illinois and we just never ate seafood! I grew up on beef and chicken. I looked at that menu (we ate at StingRays) and thought the only thing I see here is a salad or chicken fingers...what do I do now!!???

Finally the waitress, (who was just
appalled when she found out that I had never eaten seafood) said she would bring me chicken finger and and other seafood item that I wanted to pick. I picked deviled crab. I found out that I LOVE deviled crab. It came in a crab shell...I ended up "not" eating my chicken fingers at all but ate the deviled crab and part of Marlene's fried flounder...that was good too. Guess I need to get out and see what I like!!Here we are at the StingRay before we ordered. My camera had stopped on me by this time (battery is completely dead). I would have taken a picture of my plate!! (right Lazy Daisy) Don't we all look very happy! After this we went and had ice cream. As you can see it was not a "dieters weekend"...Oh well!! Remember it was to be relaxing !!!????

Finally back to our home away from home...We started playing Taboo once again...Looks like we have became addicted to Taboo...we laughed and had a great time one
MORE TIME!! This is Vicki and myself. She is trying to give me a clue...Hmmm..We got the word!! I can play this game!!

Hope you enjoyed all of these pictures and my ramblings...on and on...We did have fun...hopefully we will do it again next year!!

Everyone have a great Sunday!!

Yours Flip Flop Floozie!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds like you had such a fun trip!! Time out with the girls is always fun, isn't it?? I've played is fun!!

Susan said...

OK, I am a little jealous!!! I'd love to get away with a bunch of friends and enjoy such a place. I love the game Taboo, too! I promise I have not forgotten my stopover....Have a GREAT week!!

Maggie Ann said...

I really enjoyed seeing your pictures and reading about your trip. It must have been heavenly...and sooo relaxing. I think my Mother and I played Taboo. It sounds familiar...glad you are back home now =). Blessings to you!!

Terry said...

Dear Flip Flop
I finally found the time to read your good account of your greeters trip.

It looks like you guys really had fun!

The pictures are just terrific!!
My favorite is the one that you took while hanging out a window!!
Now it is way too bad about your battery Sandy.
With our cameras we always have about three sets of extra batteries.

Kind of expensive, I know but don't you just regret NOT getting the proof that you a sea food hater finally made the plunge and ATE a dish full?... Ha!!

I mean like you COULD of taken a before and after picture of that plate showing the proof that those poor lonely chicken fingers were the only remnant left of the meal!!.. Love Terry

Jane said...

What great pictures. I am so glad you had a good time. Now that you have had a taste of seafood you have GOT to branch out and try some more. You live in a great place to try it, go for it!