Sunday, September 10, 2006


Today is Monday again and time for Monday Memories...My favorite of all the memes that we have in our blogging world!! I have looked and looked for a good picture. The one I finally choose is of the first time I got my first pair of high heels and nylons hose (that is what we called them then)!! I remember thinking that I was all grown up then.

It was Easter and then we received corsages!! That tradition has almost went away now!! Unfortunate I think!!

This picture was taken in 1957...I would have been about 12. On my right is my mother and on my left is my grandmother MOM.

I think we all look pretty good even though the picture is not of very good quality we still look pretty good!!

Look at those hats!! I wish I had more memories of that day!! I just love the picture though!! Also I was cute then!!

Flip Flop Floozie!!


Wystful 1 said...

That is so beautiful. A great story behind the picture too. Yep, I remember nylons!! And the garters....yuk. LOL

Do you remember the ones with 'seams' on the back of the leg? Actually, I like 'em now....back then tho, it was something I didn't care for because of the extra 'work' getting the seams straight.

Wonderful memory Sandy.

Terry said...

When those hose first came out, only the rich kids at school had them! We had to stick to our white ankle socks but it wasn't too bad because there were only about three of four rich kids!!

You look so cute in the picture Sandy! And I love your hat. Mom used to make us little hats like this and I thinkthey are coming back into syle again, so maybe you will be abe to pick up one of them for yourself at Walmart!! hee! hee!!...Love Terry

Sandy did you know that there is a setting on your sony camera that will take a picture with the same coloring as this nice old picture that you have here?.. It is really neat!

YellowRose said...

I love that picture!! I remember my first pair of heels and hose! Thought I was something big!!

My MM is up!

Maggie Ann said...

I love your picture, you were a doll! You all look so dressed up and pretty. That seems a long time ago when hats and heels were special. And, ladies looked like ladies and enjoyed it! I would treasure this picture too if I were you...its a gem =).

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

What a fun memory!!! Oh, you know what? There are places that can restore old photos like that! I think even Walgreens does it. YOu should check it out if you have a walgreens near you!

FarmgirlCyn said...

I think all 3 of you are beautiful! I love old photos like this. They bring back such a flood of sweet memories.

Susan said...

I love your picture!! It's great. Thanks for stopping by today. See you soon.


MugwumpMom said...

It seems like nobody dresses up anymore. I recall having to get dressed up to go on the ferries and now no one does. That is such a cool pic..and yes, the hats are wonderful!! Another thing no one wears anymore. Sigh.....

Lee-ann said...

Sandy this is a wonderful memory one that many of us can relate to.

Well done I just love your monday memories I have not had a moment to do one this week and so am enjoying yours very much.

Much happiness to you Lee-ann

Beckie said...

Great memory! I remember "stockings" very well and "those things" we had to wear to keep them up! UGH. I also remember the ones that had seams up the back and how you had to struggle to keep them straight. :o{

And I remember the coursages too. My dad got them for me when I was young. There is a couple at our church (the husband just recently went to be with the Lord) and he would still get her a coursage every Easter.

Thanks so much for sharing and refreshing my memory!

Jane said...

Love that picture. I have a similar one with the hat, patent leather shoes, Easter dress...the whole nine yards.

You do look very cute and grown up. Isn't it wonderful to have those great memories.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture too, sure brings back a lot of memories. Hey we did look pretty good, better enjoy it as I look so bad today. Loved nylons and high heels, can't do that anymore. These old feet of 82 can not wear such things anymore. Thanks for the picture, going to copy this one. Have a good time in IL. wish we were there too. Love Mother